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Just Lost My Virginity at 23


Honestly I’m just even amazed I got laid to begin with. As you can see i am not exactly most ladies’ type


Push pissed off the powers that be, I believe by spoofing the 20 character minimum or something stupid like that.

Mr_Walkway…wasn’t he a recreational drug using misogynist who hung around with (or knew somehow) a French Canadien BB’er who was popular 3-4 years ago? The guy was in a couple Mountain Dog vids walking around a Trader Joe. Funny fucker. I heard he had a rec drug issue as well though…?


Don’t sell yourself short.

You’ve got a vaguely meth-head, poz look about you that some women find irresistible.


That’s dumb, considering the limit is four characters now. I suppose everyone finds a hill worth dying on.

Wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe he finally faced arraignment:

Shave your peach fuzz, hit the gym and stop being a lady-boy and become a lady’s man.


I posted that pic on reddit once and i got various hit the gym replies, some people called me a holocaust survivor which is i found hilarious.

Agreed with ladies’ man tho


i’ve laid off the recreational drug use myself, as well as drinking for obvious reasons. too much weed too young (<25) results in a severe case of head-stuck-up-your-ass as well as possible psychosis if you are predisposed to it. also expensive


wait lol i didnt know what that meant, how do i look HIV positive?


You have to quit doing that goofy shit with your chin. Women hate that. Even gay dudes hate that.


Forget my chin, i just want more facial hair despite previous statements. A beard would at least help me look close to 30


If you want to attract women get comfortable in your own skin. Grown men are able to handle talking to people and thrive in uncomfortable situations.

Women can smell the difference between false bravado, arrogance and genuine confidence. Genuine confidence wins every time.

How do you develop genuine confidence? Try a bunch of damned hard things and fail, a lot. Once you’ve overcome some hard shit walking up to a girl and saying “hi” isn’t scary. Being rejected isn’t scary if you know you have value. People telling you no doesn’t take anything from you or make you worth any less.


I’m pretty sure I have value, I work hard and I’ve been through a lot of shit. The hard part is finding someone who isn’t vain and superficial, I’m starting to similarly be able to smell that type from a mile away


Says the guy who has posted a few glamour shots of himself asking if he is attractive.


I saw that coming but i think my concern is warranted. it’s not true that looks don’t matter, I am sick of people feeding you that horse shit. They most definitely do and if a woman says that to you she is lying or trying to not hurt your feelings.

When you look like me you’re screwed anyway


Do they matter, yes. Do they matter to the extent that you should spend every free second thinking about it and posting selfies on a website filled with dudes who pump themselves with Test - no.

You’re putting more value on something than women do.

True story: When I was 14 I was super insecure about how I looked, because of a comment someone made. (something to the extent of, “Man the (my last name’s) are really attractive people… except for chris, what happened to him”). Any ways, I resolved to the fact that I couldn’t control my face, but I can control my body, intelligence, confidence and ambition. Since then, I’ve had several supermodel hot girlfriends (discovered that wasn’t for me and married girl next door), and the fat fuck who made that comment about me is… well, a fat fuck.

Staaahhhhp worrying about things you can’t control, fix the things you can. Someone, somewhere once said “If you have the resources to solve a problem, it isn’t a problem”. You got two legs, two arms, go fucking do something of value.


For me it was always that people think i am younger than i am. I’m only 5’7" and have kind of a baby face, it is changing but slowly. I get mistaken for 16 sometimes

I want to grow a beard so badly, then i will look way older and girls will be afraid to approach me rather than treat me like shit and be condescending

I don’t have a 16 year old’s cock though i can tell you that


I am 26, and started my job when I was 22. I can sure as shit tell you I looked 18. But guess what, I still confidently did my job… Oh, and my job, I manage millions of tax-funded money, but because I am confident I have people’s trust.

You’re starting to piss me off. Either keep making excuses or don’t. Not my life to be wasted, with such trivial things.

Just be gay already. It’s 2017, you can come out.


I don’t see the relevance of the gay statement.

You’ll have to bear with me, you’re dealing with an insane amount of sexual deprivation and life and self hatred here. Once is not enough


You need to find a BDSM sex club. There is a dominatrix out there just waiting to make you feel right at home.


That actually appened to my friend who was even more desperate than i was. Not for me, I think that would just make me more angry


I don’t see the relevancy of telling me about your cock.