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Just Lost My Virginity at 23


It’s not just me then? I suppose that makes things a little better.


I know a guy who’s a genuinely decent human being… but once he starts sleeping with a girl all brain function stops.

When he was 19 he was dating a girl with a 2 year old. Okay people make mistakes… nice enough girl/mother. She tells him she can’t get pregnant anymore. Bam. So he has to raise a kid in a broken home and of course they break up when his kid is 1yo.

He takes a few years to gather himself and get used to this yours mine and ours non Relationship and custody fights yada yada. Dude finally gets stable after 2 years.

He meets another girl with 2 kids to 2 different dads. Brings her by the house to a party we’re having. She tells everyone she has PCOS and has to get her overies removed. K.

Guess who’s pregnant…


It’s amazing how differently you feel post-orgasm than pre-orgasm. Something I keep in mind when thinking carefully about my sexual ventures in the future. Thank God i am not a father yet.Child support until i am 44 does not sound appealing in the least


To be clear, my “be cautious” was a very gentle way of saying No and that is was indeed almost certainly a totally bad idea.


Foam roll, deadlift and PIIHP.

Uncle Bird.



I agree with this. It’s not marriage, it’s not having a kid, heck it’s not even signing a lease. It’s a life adventure at a point in life when you’re not saddled with a bunch of obligations. Go have fun. Don’t do anything stupid.


On a slightly more depressing note, is it true that men’s testosterone and sexual capability peaks at 20 and then declines? I’d like to think i have many more years of good sex ahead of me and the alternative is somewhat sad to think about :disappointed_relieved:


I do, too. Use protection, have fun. There’s almost nothing to be lost here.


I think it plateaus for a good while. Its highly individual. I hadn’t noticed any real effects until about 37-40.

There is a lot to be said for technique development too. The younger days were like taking off the training wheels compared to the X-games.


What did you notice around 37-40?


I got a little pinch of bell fat and lost some energy. I was used to being able to work long hours, lift, play, and do what ever I wanted without concern for fatigue or recovery.

Now it’s just not quite as easy. A little jolt of anything containing tribulus though and its off to the races. My wife hates to see that stuff in the medicine cabinet.


I’ve been a runner since i was 14, it’s good for your energy levels if you don’t overdo it but since it’s cardio it should also be good for the sex factor.

Not so much good for muscle but good think she doesnt care about that anyway




I have never considered physical appearance a limitation.

You either are attracted to someone or you aren’t. I’ve had somewhat-attractive girls not attracted to me and gorgeous girls attracted to me and the opposite true.

Serious question, have the two of you talked about being monogamous or is it assumed? I still stick to my original statement:

  • Take the experience as a fun time and dump her.


  • Meet women have a good time and keep in contact with her and plan a Euro trip with her this summer. Trust me you will find out more about someone while traveling than nearly every other non-marital way.


Don’t post a pic of a girl on a BB site and expect respectful replies.

Have you decided what you’re going to do yet?


I don’t :smiley:

Going to use the better part of this year to stay in touch with her while earning money and building up a nice safety net, then go visit her in the fall. This way if things go south I can return without anything being fucked up monetarily here. That said we both want the same thing, which is commitment and ultimately possibly marriage.

She works a lot and has guys dump her for that precise reason, but since I intend to return to school (possibly abroad, for free) and pursue a livelihood myself I don’t think it will be an issue especially because we will share habitation.

We’re both really into each other, that isn’t the problem. Just some more getting to know each other to do and trying to make things work personally and practically


She’s pretty good looking.

Be careful of that eyebrow gap though. There is a direct correlation of gap to crazy.
She’s not out of hand at this point, but a few more plucks and you’re in serious trouble.

You aren’t horrible looking either. Minus the funny face you’re making you might be one of my kids from the black-out days.


What are the black-out days? do i detect sarcasm in this reply?


Not really sarcasm, just kidding around. Black outs are when you get hammered and wake up with no recollection of what you have done.

Sometimes next to a woman. In a strange part of town. Naked.

That used to happen a good bit.


@dave670, do you like the attention that you’re getting?