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Just Looking for Info on Testosterone Levels


I had gone to doctors with really low testosterone levels. Mine was 105 and that was really low. He gave me a prescription for testosterone compound cream. I went in and retested and my level was 120. Then re gave me a much stronger dose and now my level is 8700. Yes that is not a typo. Im wondering if that is to high. Could it be dangerous. I do love the way I feel but dont want to damage my self. Also could I go higher?


The normal range is 300 to 1000 ng/dl. How come your doc hasn't lowered the dose because of your ABNORMALLY high level.

"Also, could I go higher?"

A moronic question!


Are you trolling? "Could you go higher"? Sure, if you want to kill yourself. I'm surprised you're not dead already. 8700 is stupidly high. 1,000 is probably the highest most people could go safely.

Edit: and by 'safely', I mean the point at which going higher for an extended period of time is very likely to cause irreversible damage to your testes and/or HPTA.


Did you apply T to where the blood draw needle went? How long before?

Simple explanation is that the lab result may be bogus. And many labs will cut off results above a certain levels and not attempt to report an actual amount. Example, LabCorp will report TT >1600

Please provide the strength of the t-creams and where/when you apply. Provide first protocol and the second.

How long on each protocol?

How do you feel and how is that different?

What diagnostic labs performed each test?

Any other hormones tested?

Any steroid use history and any PCT attempts?


I'm using Testosterone compound 300MG/GM [30%] cream 25 mg. I apply .35 ml every morning. Before I was using this I sat on couch and played video games. LAZY. Now I work out 2 hours a day 7 days a week. I have gone from 297 pounds to 233 in 4 months. I did p90x now I'm doing p90+. once I get to around 200 I will start lifting more weights. My test was ZRT labs and it was a saliva test. I read there not as accurate. My compound pharmacy said it was better. I really don't know. I apply on shoulders or back of leg. I take no other hormones and never taken steroids before. My doc said he would call me when I should retest.I think he forgot. Also when rewrote last script he was going to cut it in half but he doubled it. I was taking 50ml he wrote it for .80ml but i dropped to .35 on my own. It just lasts longer.