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Just Lifting And Shit


Tnation has taught me alot along with my old roommate Broadside(look at his log, good shit) and i figured i would start a log. Im currently starting my last week of 5/3/1. I have done several months of this program while at school and decided to do Texas Method for a few months due to the added volume. I plan on starting to compete in powerlifting next year sometime and am going to keep this log up until i compete.

My current maxes are
Bench 255

I am 6'2 and weigh around 185

I will also try to log my meals on here. Lets get this shit started. I am really excited about keeping a log and seeing the progress that i will make. Any advice is always appreciated.



Woke up at 5 to hit the gym today. Im a big fan of working out early because i swam in highschool and was always up early. Anyways lets get to it.

Warmup rotator cuff and few pull ups to get blood moving


Felt okay doing these today but after my left shoulder felt weird and kinda weak.

Dumbell Z press
Left shoulder felt really week on these

Dumbell Snatch (just threw em in for shits and giggles)

Weighted Pull Ups

Rear Flys

Overall not a horrible workout but since my shoulder felt funny I had to supplement a few different exercises in to compensate. Considering doing some conditoning later in the day but we shall see. Meals coming later.


I lift in the mornings too. I lose a bit of strength compared to afternoon sessions but I like getting my metabolism ramped up first thing in the morning.


Yeah morning sessions are great and ive noticed that too. Im considering switching back to working out in the late mornings after class.


Decided to implement static stretching a few hours post workout because it keeps me loose and im not flexible at all. No real stretching template but i hit all the major groups and whatever i feel needs to be worked on.

My nutrition is becoming much more strict and regimented.
Post workout shake 30 g protien
Breakfast- 4 whole eggs w/ flatbread- Fish oil and multi
Snack- Bowl of kashi go lean crunch. (favorite snack/meal replacement)
Lunch- Chicken breast w/ rice
Snack-Chicken w/ shrimp w/ rice
Proten shake 25g protien
Dinner and after dinner snack TBD (depending if i get spacey)

Ready to hit a good squat session tommorow.



Solid session today. Felt like a beast through the entire workout and threw some sprints in afterwards instead of a complex.
Also im making a comback from an injury and i was out of the gym so my numbers may not be as high as my pre-injury maxes. I was just ballin too hard on those fools anyways lol. Squats!

Last set i sacked up and pulled out four solid reps with a grinder in the tank. Gettin back to some decent weight.

Wanted to add some volume in cause i want some big ass wheels but who doesnt.

3x8 Negatives

One leg RDL

supplemental abs and calves ect.

Overall it was a decent session. Felt really in the zone and focused so hopefully i can keep that up. All lifts felt good as well especially the 5x10. I added in some paused breathing reps at the end of the sets just for some added fun. Now its time to cook and eat and grow. Also i like to implement a little recreational use of the drug THC into my post workout regimen due to the fact that i consume more food and i feel it relaxes the body and muscles. Also my diet is still very clean. I dont get too sloppy if you feel me. Oh and still doing my stretches. if anyone has any advice on a stretching routine or template that would be swell.

Breakfast-Bagel w/ protien shake. (on the run/late for class)
Snack-Kashi protien bar
Lunch-bowl of chicken and rice
Snack protien shake
Post workout shake
Dinner- Baked chicken tenders w/ baked sweet potatoe fries
Snack Bowl o Kashi
Possibly some eggs and light carb before bed



Had a sweet bench session today. My shoulder was still feeling a little funny from monday but did not cause me any issues.


Not bad but i wanted to grind out one more on my last set but my shoulder felt off so i decided to rack it and call it a day.

One Arm Dumbell Bench

I really like these because they make you stabilize your core alot and you really learn what it means to out your legs into your bench.

Dumbell Bench

Tbar Row
3 platesX5X10

Dumbell rows

Tricep Pushdowns SS w/ pushups


Solid workout. Killed it on all my rows today. All my presses felt pretty strong and my shoulder loosened up after the dumbell presses. Time to eat and grow. Stretching to be done later and also some added conditioning with some car pushes. Its gonna be some fun shit. Stay classy sandiegio



Felt nice and strong today. Short and sweet. Lets hit it


Making a comeback. Fuck injuries.

Front Squat

Oly grip.

Glute Bridges

First time doing these. Hopefully they will translate well into my training with more frequency.

Barbell Rows

Overall solid, taxing workout. Lower back is fried. Time to eat and then eat some more. Gonna stretch later.



Overhead Press





80x2x5- speed

These felt good but left shoulder is still feeling weird. Feels like a strain the the anterior portion of my deltoid. Gonna try to fix this issue. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anterior muscle still felt tight. Went easy on these

Incline Dumbell Press

Pull ups
Pyramid from 10-1

Rear Flyes

Okay workout due to deload. Gonna try to fix this shoulder issue.


I'm in i'm in



Squat deload

Felt nice today. Didnt really have anything set in stone after my squats so i was kinda bull shitting around figuring out some new things that i may want to implement into my next cycle.

All paused breathers at the bottom.
Speed work

Last four sets i supersetted with box jumps. May be adding in some athletic training for shits and gigs.

Bulgarian Splits Squats
35sX2X12 each leg


Farmers Walks
85s each hand.

Calves, Abs and some light shoulder work trying to solidify my shoulder problem. Not bad today though. I cant wait to hit the next wave of 5s. I can feel it that next month im gonna fucking destroy the gym. Until then eat stretch and relax.


Sweet man. What kind of training are you doing right now?


5/3/1 like yourself only I go 3/5/1, going all out on the 3's week, just 5 reps the next week then all out again on the 1's week. I like it b/c of the regular deload and the 5's week is sort of a mini one.


reminds me of a combination of 5/3/1 and texas method. With less volume but more overall work and intensity. How has it been working for you?


First cycle of it...:.3rd cycle overall of 5/3/1 and just started getting into some PR weights. What are your goals?


I plan on competing in a powerlifting comp sometime in april and would like to post in between 1100-1200 for my first total. Also im 19 so i still have the mindset to look good and get laid so im maintianing a leanish muscular figure while getting strong as shit. I want to start adding a little more volume in to gain a little bit of size due to a greater capacity for strength.


We have very similar goals and somewhat similar strength levels......what weight class were you thinking?


Im not quite sure what weight class im considering entering because its about 7 months out so i feel like my body composition will change before the comp so ill have a better idea of what weight i may want to enter in Jan. Do you compete?


No sir, if I enter one, I want to win it and with projected totals I'm nowhere close lol


I just wanna get my feet wet. I like to lift heavy shit so it would be a good experience plus i can learn alot from others there and have an idea of some things i want to improve on and to help set new goals