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Just Left the Hospital, Let's Hear Your Thoughts


I started a cycle of 200 deca and 250 test e/wk last wednesday. I took my second pin sunday afternoon. The past 2 weeks I switched from clean eating to "flexible dieting" although for me its still very much clean eating. However, I have been eating a lot of fat free cheese, small lean cuisine pizzas, etc.. in the past two months I cut about 25 pounds (mostly initial water). Since I switched my diet I have been having pain in my upper right quadrant. Initial thoughts of course were liver problems from drinking in the past, oral ph when I was in HS etc...today I ate a meal 10 oz of chicken and a about a cup of jasmine rice and immediately after starting having pain in the upper quadrant.

I started freaking out a little (I have had bad anxiety in the past) and eventually starting having deep severe chest pain on the left side of my sternum. Went in and got an ultrasound, chest x-ray, basic blood panel, and EKG. Blood levels, even liver enzymes were completely normal (thank you tudca lol) and the only thing they found was that my gallbladder was completely contracted and very small.....she didn't really know why she said normally its from greasy food...Im thinking its from the huge change in diet and addition of extra varieties of food...good to know my liver enzymes and all else are in order 24hrs after pin....all in all a good learning experience...was wondering if anyone has had similar issues in the upper right quadrant

thanks in advance


it was a good learning experience? what exactly did you learn?

test and deca generally don’t put a lot of strain on your liver… even still, your liver enzymes do not tell the entire story of your liver condition…

your liver could be deep in cirrhosis, and your enzymes would not reflect this. although im sure it would have been detected by the scans they did on you…so it’s probably not the issue (just thought id let you know that enzymes are but a part of the picture).

you may benefit from using an herbal laxative to help clean out your pipes (if you catch my drift). most people have a lot of undigested waste in their bodies…and that never feels good.

I would strongly recommend avoid all dairy (with the exception of whey), and all microwavable heavily-processed foods.

steroids are unhealthy for your body… so you might as well try to mitigate the negative effects by not eating shit.