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Just leave

Anyone notice that those Americans who seem to really hate this country and everything it stands for always seem to choose to live here? I mean, if it’s that bad, why not go to Iraq, China, North Korea, Russia or one of those “superior” countries?

Nope, instead they choose to live here, reap the rewards of living in a great country, then sit around and gripe about it. Of course, most seem to be young, have no knowledge of real history, and no world experience outside of what they hear the celebs talk about on TV as they protest the very country that allowed them to become millionaires, the very country that protects their right to have that free speech to begin with.

I hearby invite them all to pack up and leave.

Ta ta!

If you’re not with us, you’re against us…

Thank you Paul. It's the price we pay for havng a democracy, but cant we just overlook that little glitch, and export them all overseas? We'll keep pure american breed over here, and we can drop all other in France, where they can rally against war, Bush, and America in general.

 Let me just remind you. Freedom HAS price tag on it. A hefty one at that. All throughout history, freedom has had to be defended one way or another. History books are made up of this stuff.

 When someone defies freedom, it's our duty to defy them. When someone who isnt trustworthy decides to build nuclear weapons, and pretend they're gonna shoot one of our recon aircraft flying well out of their border, we better make sure they're contained. 

  And that, my friends, is why we send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight wars. Because someone has to step up to the plate and do it.

I don’t hate this country.

What I do hate are judgemental and intolerant people, who want to “ship out” anyone who doesn’t agree with their extremist views.

Buddy, you don’t love America, you love Fascism.

Hell yeah! Well let’s stop talking about it and start acting. First off, we need to decide who gets the boot and who gets to stay. We need some way to tell who’s the “pure American breed.”
Can you tell by lookin’ or do we need some kind of blood test? Do they wear some kind of secret undergarments?
I reckon the impure don’t cast no shadow when they stand in front of an American flag. Kinda like some kind of commie vampire. Yeah, that’s the way to tell! I’m sure of it!

We can start with Richard Gere, who had previously promised to leave the country if Bush were elected. So, Mr. Gere, we’re still awaiting your self-imposed exile.

No, no, I don’t want to “ship out” or kick out anyone. Never said that. I’m just pointing out the irony that many who do nothing but gripe about America would not choose to live anywhere else. I invited them to leave to illustrate that fact: they seem to hate this country yet certainly would not want to live anywhere else. Ironic, no?

It’s also ironic that the only reason they’re able to protest and speak out is BECAUSE they live in America and Americans have died for those rights. In many countries that don’t enjoy those freedoms, they could not do that. Many seem to miss that fact.

My post is aimed at those who are saying that America sucks yet choose to live here. Why? If it’s so bad and you’re so embued with self-rightous hatred and discontent, then please, you’re free to move somewhere else. Of course, you’d never do that.

The fact stands: while America has its problems, it’s still one of the greatest nations on earth and people in other countries risk their lives to come here so they’ll have the same opportunities and freedoms as we do. Perhaps the America-haters (who aren’t really or they would not live here) should do a year in Cuba or some country withour freedom and opportunity. They’d come back waving the stars and stripes.

There are about 200,000,000 potential voters in the USA & 154,000,000 DID NOT vote for Bush, but somehow he became President. If that’s democracy, then democracy is a crock. & telling people to just leave if they don’t like something is always the worst, unoriginal way around a problem I ever hear. It doesn’t solve anything. If the USA is such a “great democracy” why doesn’t Bush listen to his people?

SAY, arent you canadian? Goddamn boy shut your piehole up. Learn your history first.

Uh, say, sixty some percent of Americans want President Bush to follow through and kick saddam’s ass, and by God, that’s what he’s going to do.

I think that’s listening to what the people are telling him, don’t you?

I say (no, not you, Say) we take all of the ultra-liberal, hypocritical, loser Hollywood ahole actors and ship them over to Iraq for saddam to use as human shields against US attacks.

Rot in hell, Martin Sheen.

Say, two things.

  1. The US is not a democracy. It’s a republic. We select people (i.e. the electoral college) who do our voting for us.

  2. Your numbers are horribly skewed in your favor because you chose to present them that way. You’re actually counting those who didn’t vote at all in the number of those “who didn’t vote for Bush.” By that same token, 200,000,000 people didn’t vote for me for president either. Trying to shock people with big numbers that don’t mean a thing don’t help out your cause.

The facts are a bitch, aren’t they?

Lumpy pretty much hit it on the head.

Your view is that of a fascist. America is hardly a country founded on intolerant fascist views. Thus, I invite you to accept your own invitation to get the hell out, unAmerican.

(And yeah, I’m Canadian. BFD)

  I second that mamann. Why is hollywood all of a sudden speaking out against war? Better yet, not why are they doing it - but who made them an authority in these matters?

  As far as human shields go, they are obsolete and redundant. They dont have the balls.

  They couldnt stand the thought of getting hit by a bullet, and were disappointed they couldnt protect a hospital. It's ironic -  our guys are getting sent over there to get in the way of those bullets, and they dont have a say on where they're stationed. They're there to fight. 

  Human shields were there to fight. Guess they got too scared with the price of freedom.

So if you truly “love” this country, you don’t want to make it better? And if you choose to fight to make it better, you should leave? Obviously absurd. You seem to think that people who protest government policy have no knowledge of history, but in fact the reason they are protesting is because they have a far more robust knowledge of this country’s history than you. In addition to this country’s triumphs that you learned about in high school, many of us have studies our country’s failures as well. This country is great, I love it, and in fact I love it so much I am willing to devote my time trying to correct its problems, and raise the average quality of life of its citizens. (The U.S. does not have the highest average quality of life in the world, btw.) If you’re content then that’s great, sit quietly and quit complaining while some of us take an active role in trying to solve some of this country’s glaring problems.

 Last time I checked, our soldiers are the ones doing all the work, which allows YOU tree-huggers to: complain, get on a bus to iraq, leave because you got too scard with a bullet, and then complain some more. 

 That said, there's a reason why geeks stick with books, while men with balls get down to business.

 Will you kindly step aside while us big men take care of business? 

Thank you.

Ditto, diesel.

Hey tharealest:

Mr. Patriot…why don’t you don a uniform (take your pick of any of the branches of the armed forces), strap on your combat boots, and put your money where your mouth is.

You love this country so much, and are so enlightened and knowledgable of our country’s history, that you’re obviously aware that we’ve had to historically fight to first gain, and then keep our freedom and safety. So get out there and stand up for what you believe in! You’d make an excellent fighting machine.

Well, maybe not.

To you, Dave. I hate to resort to the basics here, but you deserve it.

Shut your piehole, mind your own business, and stick to your own country’s affairs. We citizens of the United States are guaranteed by the constitution to have free speech. You’re not a citizen. Shut up.

(Alright all you other canuks, I love ya man. Stop with the hate mail. I just couldn’t resist with this guy!)

Diesel wrote:
"Last time I checked, our soldiers are the ones doing all the work, which allows YOU tree-huggers to: complain, get on a bus to iraq, leave because you got too scard with a bullet, and then complain some more.

That said, there’s a reason why geeks stick with books, while men with balls get down to business.

Will you kindly step aside while us big men take care of business?

Thank you."

Are you saying that only military personnel have the right to oppose war? In fact, they are the only ones who don’t have the right to oppose war. They have taken an oath to support any war the president orders. So, if a soldier feels that he’s being sent to fight and risk his life when it’s not necessary, he can’t speak up for himself. He goes ahead and takes a bullet because he is man enough to fufull his duty, but what he feels in his heart goes unheard. It’s the duty of people who feel like him, but aren’t under military oath, to step up to speak for him.
I stepped up to the plate and served as a paratrooper in the 82nd. I was willing to take the bullet. The tree huggers have just as much right to complain as I do.
I don’t like the fact that we’re risking the lives of highly trained and valuable heros in situations where unarmed inspectors belong. Let the inspectors play the games with him, keep an eye on him, and make life miserable for him. He’s not going anywhere as long as they shadow him. In the past week, they’ve harrassed him into destroying more missiles. Saddam only wants power. The only way to keep the power he has is to cooperate. The only way he could lose his power is if he attacked the US, so he ain’t gonna do it unless he thinks he has nothing else to lose. I think we should continue to keep the THREAT of war over his head for this purpose. As long as he knows war will come if he attacks, we control him. Until then, save our troops for situations where nobody else can do the job.
Save your best shirt for the big dance, not for babysitting.

Last time I checked, I was a member of the US military. Sorry to ruin your party guys. And our military has a purpose, and we love them for that. But it has very little matter in domestic affairs. People all over this country, even you and me, are having their AMERICAN liberties violated, and when we complain about it you want us to “just leave.” Grow some balls please and stand up for your rights. What does the military have to do with that?

Mamann: Um, I have the right to free speech to there buddy.

And as far as mind your own business… isn’t this whole thing the result of your government’s inability to do the same?

You “patriotic” fascist Americans are hilarious. You apparently use your love of your country as a reason to destroy it.