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Just Kicked a Prick Out of My Office


Never done it before. Had a meeting with another set of attorneys. They were complete scum bags and unprofessional pricks who called a meeting under false pretenses.

I had enough, and told them to leave. He refused. Eventually, I told him to "get the fuck out before I throw you out."

They left.

I feel much better.


Ah, the pleasures of being self employed.




Did you get sued for slander and/or infliction of emotional distress?


Nice, Jewwie.

Not all attorneys are pricks. Just the ones that are alive.

the other ones, I have no problem with.


Not yet. It wouldn't be slander, as I was talking to the little fat prick, not talking ABOUT him. And emotional distress requires more than mere words.

But they'll undoubtedly try something.


Yeah, I know nothing about law but it did sound kinda funny writing it. Anyway, good job on the assertive booting.


I'm an attorney and I pretty much agree with that.

Weak, fat, useless, thin-shouldered little prick.


oops. my bad. sorry.


Should have went highlander on his ass. :slight_smile:


I think I must have missed an earlier thread, what is going on here?


Do not sully the title of Highlander on such peoples!

Hang them by their underwear on the coatrack, like the children that their actions emulate.

Or, if they're really jerks, show their wives the credit card bill from the last time they were with their mistress(es).


...as someone from a Catholic Irishman family...they have always been known to me as narrow backs. If this was the early 1900's it have a lot more stingy, but hey I still like it.


Nope, not a parroty.

I just spent 5 hours deposing 80 year olds to get at their hidden assets (they have none, of course). Less fun than it sounds.


Two lawyers meet in the elevator on Monday morning.
"What did you get up to this weekend?" asked one.
"I got a pool for my kids," said the other.
"Wow! Good trade!"


I was at the beach one time, and there was a shark. Everyone freaks out. There is one poor bastard left out there, looking quite calm. The shark swims in his direction, slows down....and suddenly goes back out to sea.

Guy gets out of the water. I ask him, "what do you do where you could stay so calm?"
"I'm a lawyer," guy responds.

Coincidence? No. Professional courtesy.

Although I'm sure Jewbacca isn't like that.




Uh... okay.


If this happens again, after they refuse to leave, instead of cursing at them, calmly lock the door and tell them they cant leave.

Then beat them up with baseball bats. Then throw them out and trash their motorcycles