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Just Joined (DL Videos)

I just joined T-Nation after years of reading the site. I also started taking Biotest products this yr. So far Power Drive is the only thing I didn’t work as I expected. I comptete in the APF as a 242. I am 6 foot 2 and approx. 240 lbs, though I have been 250lbs (21 yrs old). Am going to nab some more records before I move into the 275’s (this atomatically takes me out of the “should I cut or bulk” category).

Anyways, no good pics, but I have some videos of me deadlifting in my last meet. I have been lifting since highschool, but only since college did I kick the stupid muscle magazines to the curb and pick up powerlifting.

600 deadlift

650 deadlift (state record)

666 (miss)

Great videos!
Keep us posted on the records you are going to shatter :slight_smile:


Good job Guy! Which products have you found to help you out the most?

That 650 went up without a problem. Good job.

What are your other lifts?

Obviously protein. Alpha Male definately helps although I don’t think in any huge outward way. I seem to be a nonresponder for creatine. ZMA helps me sleep and I feel recover, although if I stay on it for too long, it helps in just the opposite (can’t sleep, restless, etc). Multivitamins, vit C, glucosamine, Spike helps alot, and BCAA’s. To be honest though, I don’t think any suppplement is going to be the key factor in getting huge/strong. Its just icing on the cake.

I’ve parallel box squatted 585 in the gym but 500 in competition. My bench isn’t very good, but recently I’ve been hitting mid- 300’s.

Why are the videos fast forwarded like that? Who are you trying to fool lol?
Great job on the lifts, btw. Very impressive.

hahaha. thanks. i normally have one of my buddies slap the shit outta me so I’m normally in a hurry to lift and kick his ass :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff.

[quote]dead_lifter5000 wrote:
My bench isn’t very good [/quote]

maybe it has to do with you arms being 8 feet long

Holy crap these videos are annoying to watch. yeah yeahhh!!! Why the hell did you fast forward them?

[quote]dead_lifter5000 wrote:

666 (miss)


If you had gotten the 666 the platform would have engulfed in flames and Satan would take you to the fiery PL gym of Hell.