Just In Time For Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, I see that Garth Brooks has decided to roll his fat azz out of retirement. How many times has this irritating SOB retired? I don’t mind when someone comes out of retirement if they’ve got talent or do something that’s entertaining but hanging a 250 pound sack of oats by a guy wire over a stage while he belts out at best gut wrenching pop country. Don’t misread me, I appreciate good, traditional country but I would probably be more accurate if I labeled Brook’s material as shit. Well, not entirely; his first album was certainly noteworty if you enjoy country.

What makes matters worse is that I loathe going to Walmart but I guess because I’m American that I’m obligated to enter that rat hole every now and then. But back to what has made entering Walmart so much more painful is that they have posters of his nauseating image hanging all over the store like some type of satanic Macy’s Thanskgiving Day balloon.

Sorry for the rant but I had to vent. He’s just the perfect example of 10 billion dollars is never enough so why not put yourself back on the market for the umpteenth time. Ali coming out of retirement back in the day; a good thing. Brooks sucking wind on the stage again; a fuggin’ nightmare in a 10 gallon hat.

Annoying? Yes he is.

the “Anti-Hank” of country music? Most definitely.

But the fat boy ain’t stupid. He’s got a deal that only Wal-Mart carries that new box set and anything else he comes out with. Sold 500,000 so far, and his demographic shops heavily at the damn place.

I doubt he’s broke, but then again, he and Tricia look like they could put away some serious food, so you never know.