Just Impressive

After spending 5 hours today at our records warehouse wrecking myself by looking through a few hundred receipt boxes, I decide to spend the rest of my day going through old T-Mag issues, reader mail and articles.

I happened across the picture of ~karma~ in an Aug 2002 reader mail and stomped on the brakes. Wow I said. I must search forums to see if there are more…and indeed there are, quite a few in fact. Two hours later…hey I’m tired and unmotivated at my office.

And then I ran across ~karma~'s “then and now” thread…all I can say is bravo to you ~karma~…well I could say a heck of a lot more but as a gentleman and a married man it just wouldn’t be right (I’ll just think it).

More women (and men) need to see the type of results (again WOW) that you CAN get from hard work and focusing on good nutrition.

Again, all I can say is ‘wow’…that and ‘Bohdi’ is a lucky SOB to get to spend his free time hanging out with the likes of ~karma~.

I’d like to revist Bohdi’s idea for a T-Vixen calender…between E~, Maiden, MD, Patricia and the other T-Vixens these things would blow off the doors. Of course how can we make a calender that has 4 or 5 pictures for each month…and about 24 months?

By the by ‘MD’…got the green light from the Doc to hit the gym again…I’ll be keeping my promise real soon.


Well, damn! I’m surprised and all twitterpated that you spent your bored moments researching me. Thanks for the compliments! The journey is always more important than the destination…

Holy shit!!
Never seen that thread before but that is an amazing transformation!

Props to karma!!

…and one unbelievably nice deriare. Wowza!

Sorry 'bout that, just couldn’t keep that one to myself anymore…hey I’m only human, sort of.

Did I mention ‘wow’???

A very inspiring story Karma…hope we can all learn from this one…congrats to you in the awsome transformation.

I’m anxiously awaiting, heavysprout. :wink:

heavy, way to dig up a diamond!

Unbelievable transformation of body and mind. I felt about as big as a 2 1/2lb plate while reading your story. Excuses sometimes come to easy. I also have plans on showing it to the wife as she just recently gave birth to our lovely 3 month old daughter and she’s been wanting to finally get rid of the pregnancy weight and get back to being active. Thanks for the motivation, the eye opener, and I gotta admit, especially for the mid-work chub :slight_smile: