Just Hit My Old Max for a Triple - Thank You Coach!


Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you. I’ve been running 3’s Pro (one each six week block of 3’s PRO to TM plus Joker Sets and 3’s Pro plus SSL) for my take on the Power Clean version from Beyond 5/3/1 since late January of this year. Before that I was running a standard Beyond 5/3/1 (with 1-3 Joker Sets and FSL for a single set) from November thru the end of January.

I had (as of early January) a 1RM for Power Clean of 177.5 lbs. At 5’6" I weight 180 lbs (per my last Army Physical Fitness Test) and have often had to 2-a-day my barbell work twice a week.

Among the many results I’ve seen since starting 5/3/1 (after fifteen months on Greyskull Linear Progression) most recently today I’ve pulled off 177.5 lbs for three reps on my final Joker Set on the power clean.

Next week I’ll be doing my next three six week cycles (of a 5 forward, 3 back progression) at a 3/5/1 (alternating between Joker Sets or SSL (multiple sets) by cycle).

Thank you for writing all the 5/3/1 books and the various articles written over the years. I look forward to the latest edition.