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Just HGH?

Hey i’m 20 180Ibs 7% BF i bought gear (Test E , Dbol , Tbol , Clomid , Nolva , exemestane , HCG and HGH) i was going to run a first and last cycle to bulk up but then after i did a lot of reading i got discouraged and i decided not to i don’t know what i’m going to do with the gear though lol

so my question is can i at least just run HGH for 9 months that stuff costed me about 3500$ and i can’t just throw it away + i read that HGH doesn’t have bad side effect and is good for joint inflammation which i have my doctor prescribed me cortisone but i decided not to take the shot because cortisone is a steroid as well so if i take cortisone i might as well take all the other stuff i have lol.

i researched a lot about HGH and i only read good stuff about how it’s good for the immune system etc … but i’m more interested in it relieving me from joints and bone pain and little help in lean muscle gain over the time i’ll be happy even with 10 more pounds . Thanks to anyone who read and give me an answer or an advice please be kind -:slight_smile: Thanks !

you spent several grand on gear and you aren’t going to use most of it? Did you bust into a UGL and steal all this stuff?

You clearly have no fucking idea about anything if you’re comparing cortico steroids to anabolic androgenic steroids. Definitely NOT the same thing broseph.

You sound pretty young, you don’t need hgh. I would strongly advise you to ship it to me asap.

No i just got discouraged because a lot of people were saying you’re too young and you will mess up your endocrine system and you’ll have to be on it for the rest of your life etc …
so what do you think if i just run HGH ?

You know hgh has side effects too right? you should probably hold off on everything because you sound a little uneducated.

You should package all that up and send it to my house so you don’t take any chances of fucking your self up. I really don’t want to see you get hurt so ill dispose of everything for a syringe at a time so it doesn’t mess you up.

At 20 years old, you shouldn’t need to supplement your hormone levels, they should already be high. The fact that you spent that much cash then let others discourage you shows that you are not mentally ready for cycle.

Don’t rush into something as serious as aas without doing the research and have full confidence in your decision. You only go through puberty once man, so milk it for what its worth. And in the meantime find someone you can unload all of that gear on and spend that money on quality foods and supplements.