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Just Herniated a Disc (Advice Appreciated)

Okay, so I had a partial herniation or bulge at L5/S1 almost five years ago now. I got it deadlifting (in a bad position and pulling from a deficit with a very submax weight), and I JUST think I got the same injury again while doing my first rep of a DL set where I was going to rep it out for a minute straight. Basically, I rushed the setup and although the feeling of my disc popping out happened at a different point in the range of motion than before (this time it happened right about an inch off the ground whereas before it was about halfway up), it felt so similar that I immediately put the weight on the ground and almost immediately after felt horrific pain.

So… I rehabbed my back fairly well last time, and thank God it got better and way stronger than ever.

However, now I’m back at stage 1, and what I think I could’ve done better in the rehab process last time was the initial 1-4 weeks.

Any advice on what to do in the initial 4 weeks? (sleep on the ground w/ a pillow under my knee? or sleep on the bed?) Ice? Heat? Stretching? Don’t do anything at all for how long? Assuming this injury is not worse than last time, I think it will be able to heal much quicker because last time I started lifting again 2 weeks after the injury and didn’t get an MRI until 2 months later.

Okay, so anyone that has had a bad bulging disc or herniated disc, please tell me your secrets of getting better quickly and efficiently; as well as how to manage the first 1-4 weeks.

Thank you and stay well!


Use ice and go see a professional to get evaluated next week.