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Just Have to Share

So I’m back to the gym after about two years off due to grad school. Gained about 20lbs which I think is good when I hear others gained about 40. I’ve put on about 5lbs of muscle which isn’t a ton in about three weeks (need to reweighed) but strength is improving. I started at 75 for bench press and this week did 130 (that’s three weeks… I know it doesn’t compare to others on here, but I feel good about this and just want someone to share with.

10lbs of muscle in 3 weeks is inhuman


Lol sorry that was supposed to only say 5. It autocorrected. I’m on my phone.

I went back and corrected for the problem. Just typing fast

Lol at all those people who stop training for school. Typical.

Hey I was working full time and doing a serious grad program. If you dont have anything nice to say then kindly keep it to yourself. Not all of us have the time in life you have. Just be happy for the rest of us.

Can you tell me how you gained 5lbs of muscle in 3 weeks? I’d love to do that.

Well I was lifting before and have kept quite a bit of weight as in muscle. But I’ve been doing a workout that requires me to raise the weight and break the workout up (I can post it later as I am at work) as well as eating like a mad man. I think it’s just my body remembering where it was before and wanting to go back. But the first time I did this it was pretty time consuming. I’m looking to get bigger this time around and keep it that way. I’m not so concerned with weight but just eating healthy and filling foods.

Holy wow, for once I agree with you. Full time, university and training. Not a stretch.

So, I take it you agree with her?