Just had to yak about my morning

Had a great morning today. Got up at 4:00, got my day’s nutrition together, read some, them got ready to do the lifting. I started with deadlifts, and after doing the warm-up sets, then 5x8, I decided “what the heck” and added 50 lbs to the bar and pounded out another 2x3. Not a record by any means, but I’ve only been back to DLing and squatting for about a month after taking 3 months away from the movements to give my knee a total break. And though I never got a definite diagnosis, and nothing was really done to heal it directly, it seems to be holding up just fine.

After the DLs, I did some side bends, then got on the bench for DB bench presses. On the third work set, I pumped out two VERY hard reps beyond the planned set. Then I dropped one DB and did 2x15 pullovers. Then hit the abs to finish off. Got to the job, and immediately got my flu shot. I figured, I’m going to already be sore, why not do it up right?

So here I am, 3 hours after finishing the workout, and still have an incredible pump going.

Just had to share that. No real point to this post.

Have a nice weekend T-nation.

Thanks for the lift bro. I’m training back today. Now I’m crazy excited!

Brider: When do you go to bed? Man, I thought I was doing pretty well getting up at 6:00 A.M. to work out. You weren’t by chance one of those psychotic crew guys in college, were you? =-)

Nice workout.

No, I wasn’t on the crew in college. In fact, I was a skin-and-bones runner, and when I’d see the crew guys out on their runs (going the opposite direction), I’d wait until the last guy past by me, then turn around and try to catch the lead guy before they got back to the crew house. Usually I made it. I was invited onto the crew, but turned it down (in retrospect, not the brightest move on my part).

And I go to bed anywhere from 9:30 to 11:00, usually leaning toward the later side. Yup, I get sleep deprived during the week, and crash out on at least one morning during the weekend. Counterproductive to physique goals? Sure. The last two weeks of “The Big Sleep” should be driving that message home. But it’s my choice to do more with my days until I can give up the day job.

So maybe all the knee needed was a good rest, huh, brider?