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Just Had the Worst Weed Paranoia Ever


I just smoked for the first time in six months, which has been a pretty average frequency for me in recent years. It was by far the worst experience I ever had while high. I had an experience that God literally grabbed my heart right out of the mediastinum and pulled me down into the depths of hell, showed what it will be like for me if I don't repent. Basically, hell is an eternity of prison ASSRAPE. TERRIFYING prison assrape. Then I posted a bunch of retarded paranoid shit on another board and will probably find myself banned in the morning. I was only halfway through my stash and I dumped the rest out. I never wanna do this shit again.


Cool story, Hansel.


Dude, this is why I haven't smoked in years. It f'ed with my mind when I did it and make me think of the inevitability of death and pointlessness of existence and such things. Very depressing... Being high is a pleasant experience for some, but I'm not one of those people!


Psh... ameteurs.


That sounds like some good ass weed.

Seriously? You think that deep? I lose tha ability to think at all. I just wanna sit on the couch, drool, eat, and listen to music.


I thought you quit after you got caught smoking and masterbating by the security guard at your mom's gated community?

Or was it after you got caught doing donuts in a parking lot while drunk?


LOL. Are you mixing weed with meth? WTF.

I got stung by a fucking bee a couple weeks ago and I'm still paranoid about it. I look around for them every time. It definitely fucked me up big time..




Dude, if some fucking weed got you that noided out, you must have one weak mind. Weed can raise paranoia levels for sure, especially in those who can't handle it. Your head is the problem, not the weed. Jedi mind tricks most definitely work on you.


Next time instead of flushing your stash, go give it to a grown up who can handle such things and go back to watching the Disney Channel.


Seriously. Fuck, I can't even believe you posted that shit on here. You're probably one of these motherfuckers who eats a few shrooms and then kills 10 people at a church with an AK-47.


That afghani shit with the purple hairs on it will do it every time.


Switch to crack


The OP must not be from Northern California. Out here, ALL the bud is as good as Afghani Purple Bud. I had a roommate from England once and the first time he smoked weed out here, he couldn't hang. He told me that he "smoked some SKUNK bud mate!" and my buddies and I just laughed. Out here, it's ALL skunky.


God damn you 09'ers are so fucking cool




Don't watch Reefer Madness when your stoned


I use to smoke a good amount of weed in a week. I loved being higher then a mofo. Then when I quit doing all drugs. I decided I could try some good old mother earth ganja. Nooooooooooooope

I was kicked out of weed nirvana for good. I get the same thing as you. All rath of gawd type shit. And the devil is coming to get my soul and keep me for good. My friends are all after me to get me to do bad shit like more drugs and get higher and fucked thinking. Stuff that makes absolutely no sense. I thought I was loosing my mind.

On top of that I would have massive panic attacks and my heart racing out of my chest. Just not a pleasant high like I remember weeding being.

So I have not done any since and that was 12 years ago. So I don't blame you for never doing it. Don't listen to these assholes that say your a pussy or anything else for not smoking. It its not pleasurable then why do it right?

Here is my theory as to why it happens. I have compared this with other people as well. I think you smoked a shit load of weed for you. Then one day you decide you not going to do it anymore and you body has grown use to it being there. Then your body addapts but remembers what weed is. Next time you smoke it after a really long ass time. Its like an allergic reaction. Your body hates it and does deal with it well. At least that is the theory some of my friends and I have come up with.

Its too bad too cause I loved smoking weed and listing to pink floyd or some good shit just before going to bed.


OP are you fucking kidding me? bwhahahaha... Are you sure that weed wasen't lased with something??? You probably smoked wet, haha.



That's the first thing I thought too. Was it "dusted"?