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Just Had Oil Leak Back Out IM, Advice?

Anyone got any tips for what I’m doing wrong?

Just had some oil (sustanon) leak back out after an IM jab in thigh.

Im pinning e3d alternating quads- how long does it take for the body to absorb that oil? Could I have hit the same pocket from 6 days ago?

I didn’t do anything differently- but as I took the needle out, it bled and there was a visible amount of oil on the small bleed.

I put a plaster on it and you can see more oil has leaked out.

Anyond else had this?

It happens and it’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks. Wonder why it does it sometimes and not others?

I don’t know. I’ve been at this for 3.5 years and it’s only happened a few times. But there’s no common thread I can find that unifies the times that I’ve experienced it.

Apply pressure to the site and hold it for 10 seconds when you pull out the needle. Not heavy pressure, just a little. I accelerates the your body sealing the puncture. But, as mentioned, not a big deal.

Thanks @hardartery appreciate all the advice you’ve given me so far!

Do you mean as soon as the needle is out apply something? Presumably a piece of cotton wool or something similar?

I push on it with the alcohol swab if I see a leak.

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