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Just Had My First Meet


I had my first meet on Saturday and I have to say that it was an awesome experience! It was a small APF meet in SoCal but I had a great time with some really nice people.
As for my lifts, I ended the day with a total of 1063 lbs, squat of 383, bench of 240 and deadlift of 440 @ 198 raw junior. I'll have some pictures up soon.


Congrats on your first meet! They definitely are a great experience and it's great to see more people competing, and not simply talking about competing.


Great job, glad you had fun and congrats on having the balls to get up on the platform and test yourself


Excellent, congrats on a good performance! It feels great doesn't it? Respect for having the guts to go out and do it. Welcome to the world of powerlifting!


Congrats bud


Congrats on getting your feet wet.
At the age of 54 I have my first full meet this Sat. in Norfolk. I'm already worked up. I haven't done this much math and gone over this many numbers since high school algebra.


yeah makes me hungry for more!

Thanks guys, can't wait for that next one.


Greystoke, you'll have a blast. I did my first meet at 54 and it was awesome. The people on this site gave me so much advice, I knew just what to expect.

Judging from your avatar, you'll doing some good weights, too.