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Just Got Yearly Tests Back: High Prolactin, Everything Else Normal

Hey all,

Long time since I’ve posted. Ran my first test cycle about a year ago with normal PCT. Got my first bloods a month after PCT- all near baseline. However, today I went to get my bloods done after a year and my prolactin has elevated greatly, any advice on what is happening? Cortisol is also up. Doc says to wait another 3 months and test.

TEST: 565, 264-916 ng
Free T: 11.8, 9.3-26.5 ng
Estradiol: 12.5, 7.6-42.6
LH: 3.2,1.7-8.6
Prolactin: 25.5, 4.0-15.2
Cortisol: 23.3, 6.2-19.4

My prolactin is like 23 year round on TRT. Probably nothing to worry about. Folks with tumors have levels in the hundreds+. Jacking off/sex the day of the test can raise it (amongst other things).

Free t pretty low. What’s you shbg

you have any problems with it? What worries me is that all is back to baseline except pro, corti, and my liver enzymes are elevated slightly (was on accutane 3 months ago)

sorry last comment got deleted. 32.2 on a 14-44

Do you have any issues that are being caused by high prolactin? If not then don’t worry about it all that much. Numbers are useful, but symptoms are the base from which concern grows.

No issues or symptoms currently. I may try to liver detox and lower it naturally before looking at prescription.

What was your cycle? Did you run nandrolone or tren? Did you run caber with it?

Prescription is last on the list. You do that when you’ve exhausted other avenues. Get some P5P on Amazon and if that doesn’t help then you can look at bringing out the heavy machinery.

I have had no issues with my prolactin being 10 points higher than the range. Like @iron_yuppie said if you do anything (since you don’t have any issues you probably shouldn’t) use P5P first. There are several studies showing it’s effectiveness that are easy to Google.

My cycle was a simple test 250 cycle. Did not run nan or caber.10 weeks. 6 week PCT. I had to get on accutane (2nd round) because of acne. What was weird is that after my cycle when i was on accutane all my blood levels showed normal liver results for 6 months.

Downfall here is I had a massive workout and sex the night before this blood tests. So im going to liver detox and go natural and retest.

thanks man big help.

Not sure what the point of that would be. It’s pretty much a TRT dose… did you make and keep any gains on that? I expect it would be enough to break a plateau, and that would be about it.