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Just Got Told I Have to Go On TRT. Help?

Hey fellas, I just got told I have to go on TRT. What can I expect?? Cream or shots?

Are you asking what is preferable? Or what your doctor is more likely to prescribe. Either way. You should do injections. The Gels convert to e2 faster, and you also can cross contaminate others.

Read the stickies at the top of the forum. You have hours of research you need to do. Get reading.

A doctor told you that?

If you have clearly defined reasons for TRT, then by all means. If you have low levels and/or are symptomatic, by all means go for it. Not that I’m an expert, and it’s just my personal opinion, but I would say given the cost/risk/etc associated with TRT, it’s something to do only if you are personally motivated to commit to it. But for sure learning about what’s involved by reading the stickies and threads here is a good start.

I sure hope (you’re being funny) someone didn’t tell you" have to" do anything unless you want it, it’s a decision you make and not the doctor. Injections are the most effective form of TRT, creams don’t work for everyone as it has more to do with individual absorption rates, I think gels/creams are a waste of time unless you’re afraid of needles. You have a lot of research to do because most endo’s have no idea what they are doing, this is where you take charge of your own health because doctors are too busy triaging people to monitor your hormones properly or run SHBG and determine how often you require injections.

I know mostly on this board its injections, but am curious about axiron (under arm application). ANyone try this?

I tried it and all it did was shut down my HPTA and leave me with test levels lower than before I started. Why would you want to cramp your life style not being able to shower, swim or workout within 4 hours of application? Very few guys absorb much of it anyway, doctor’s make a ton prescribing it.

can you give us an update?