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Just Got the Sony W Series Walkman


Last week I came across a very nice toy, the new sony W series walkman. Its by far the best MP3 player for the gym, it has no cables and its only the headphones, that means I can squat, deadlift, do pull ups etc... without having to worry about cables or braking my player. They are pretty cheap too, I got 2gb for only 75000Y thats about 70dollars.
Do you use any MP3 players in the gym that you recommmend? Or you just listen to the tecno-crap they play?



I use my iPhone. I have a strap to put in on my arm, but I've found this to be almost completely useless. I keep it in my gym shorts pocket and run the headphones under my shirt and up to my ears. I've had no problems.


Good idea, but the sound quality is more important to me than whether a wire is present. I hate "in-ear" buds. They never have good base to them and the volume is always limited and lacking.


Also, this review:

...bothers me. I sweat like crazy. I have had headphones quit working because of the amount of sweat that comes in contact with the ear piece. That would make these very temporary meaning I would have to buy a whole new set each time wear one out.


On a sidenote to this, what headphones would you reccomend? At the moment i just use the standard ipod ones but they fall out when i start sweating so are pretty useless.


I was buying a pair of off Amazon that had great sound quality and wrapped around the back of your head. They also folded up to make storage easier...but they quit selling them. They were cheap too so I was just buying a new pair about once a year or maybe once every 9 months or so.

The ones I am using now are just basic behind the neck Sony's. I have a Sansa mp3 player that works pretty good.

I have had two iPod shuffles (the first model and the clip on one) but that company pissed me off when I found that I couldn't download songs I bought off iTunes to any other player.

I won't be going back to them.


Bass boost buds:

I have these and use them with an older Sansa mp3 player.

Not exactly the greatest audiophile bass experience, but not too shabby for ear buds @ the gym.


I bought myself one, the ears buds take a while getting used to, but after some time you don't even notice them. They're totaly sound proof, you can't hear squat :slightly_smiling: Sound is so-so, I was a bit dissapointed by that...

About the water thing, I don't know, I know I have a 1 (or 2) years guarantee, so we'll see.


the iPhone software 3.0 allows you to sync with normal bluetooth headphones. I got a pair 1.5 yrs ago, almost threw them away because they wouldn't work. Now they do. No wires what so ever, and they work with a range of at least 100 ft


I do this with my iPhone as well, only thing that bothers me is shrugs and deadlift, where the bar tends to "rub" the phone quite alot, making it look like it's rubbing something entirely different to the innocent bystanders.


Good to know! Just updated on Wed, thanks for the tip.


Ah yes...During shrugs I just move the pocket to the right, but there is no cure for DL's other than to use the arm band or go w/o music :frowning:


Ive heard good things about Sansa players, I might buy a used one, do you need any special software to export your songs from your pc?


Nope...that's WHY I bought it. You just drag an drop. Mine plays video as well but I don't use it for that and haven't really figured out how it works. It won't play mp4's. I do store some pictures on it though and again, those are drag and drop as well. It charges both in the wall and in the computer.



I guess ill invest in one later, and a good pair of headphones. Music is a most when I train, so I guess this can be considered as an important part of my trianing gear.


I just use an Ipod and keep it in my pocket. I did break the cord when setting a dumbbell on them once...other than that, no problems. The ear buds I use are called Skull Candy which have good sound and are cheap too.


Are those the ones that come in blue pink or grey, with a white skull ? I have one of those for my laptop, they are cool but i feel they are too big for training. They are not cheap here tho, i got mine for 150 american.