Just Got Some Labs Back

Some interesting stuff this time.

Cortisol is top of the range at 19.4
Growth hormone is bottom of the range at .1

Where the hell could all my GH go?!

None of this is good. What are your stats? Age, TRT?, when did you take the test, etc.?

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Growth hormone deficiency can be masked by low testosterone. You should have tested IGF-1 because growth hormone is not as accurate.

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First of all I have a pituitary tumor that I suspect is related.

I’m 35, been on TRT since June this year. Took the test this past Monday at 8am

Igf1 is actually high at 301. Weird

What’s your plan for this? I would think everything you do will be a struggle. Cortisol is catabolic and with low GH, recovery is going to be next to nothing. Luckily you can take GH for that. And Test should reduce cortisol.

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I’ve been so tired lately I thought T was driving my cortisol too low. Guess not.

Gonna meet with the doctor and push for tumor removal.

I just did a little Google reading and a lot of these tumors can be treated. Good luck brother. Wish you the best.

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Thanks man. Surgery isn’t the worst thing in the world from what I’ve learned but it’s convincing a doctor to do it.

At this point I’d rather it come out than be on a cocktail of hormones every day.

I have no idea what it would do to you but a lot of guys run GH as a maintenance dose. I do this, I’m 54 and its made a huge difference in my ability to keep fat off.

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This would likely explain why I can’t shake belly fat no matter how hard I try. At least there’s a positive thing to look forward to!

Also, cortisol is a “stress hormone” and can cause harm as well.

Some guys on this board will tell you that you just arent eating right when, in reality, your hormones are not allowing your body to function correctly. When you get optimal, you will lose the belly fat.

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I hear ya. I don’t eat great but I’m a pretty lightweight dude who used to struggled to reach 150lbs. Lately this doesn’t seem to be an issue though unfortunately.