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Just Got My Wisdom Teeth Out...


Holy fuck that sucked.

Anasthetic wasn't strong enough in the left side of my mouth, but I didn't want to bother the guy, so I literally sat through three 10-second periods of the most excruciating pain of my life while the dentist took a screwdriver-looking thing to my bottom-left wisdom tooh to pull it out. I told him about it later, and he said, "Yeah, you were tough... a little too tough."

Percocet isn't doing shit, my madre gave me a double dose yesterday after the operation, lasted barely three hours, I just took another recently, lasted one hour.

Swelling is worse than ever, it's so bad, I can't keep my mouth closed because I'll bite down on the inside of my cheeks, and I can't open my mouth for God knows what reason, so I'm stuck with my lips barely touching, and my teeth half an inch apart.

It's time like these I wish I could go on a 24-hour acid high and ride it out until my mouth feels fine.


You should be feeling good on Percocet. You need to say something. Like you should've during the extraction.


Oh, I feel great. I feel high. But it lasts so little hah.

I just live with the pain. I'm retarded that way.


If that Percocet aint workin hand it over ....


most people dont realize narcotic pain relievers work much better as a preventative measure. meaning dont wait till it starts hurting again till you take another. Make sure you keep the gauze in the empty socket so the blood clots. from what i understand 'dry socket' is insanely painful. the pain will subside by tomorrow, at least it did every time for me.


Yeah that sucks, I remember my dentist taking his time and doing my extractions 3 weeks apart (side to side) this way I could actually EAT something while it healed...

quick tip: if it bleeds a bit, try putting a tea bag in there, the tea help to coagulate.

Crackpot idea, but it worked

hang in there


I also just got my wisdom teeth removed, its been about 12hours and my pain seems to be practically gone but one of my stiches opened up, is this a big deal?


WTF, I was off painkillers and eating the day after my surgery.


I don't think it's a big deal, as long as the bleeding stopped.

I mean, I'm fine now, it was just a bad experience overall. Godamn anesthetic. The bottom-left tooth felt like it was a limb being tore off. And the sound! Ugh. The only word I can describe it with is "uprooted."


Five years ago my dentist told me I needed my wisdom teeth out...said they were impacted.

I switched dentists...and now they came in fine and don't cause me any problems...freaking idiot dentists...they just want to make some money at our expenses sometimes.


You shoulda went to sleep my friend. Some people it hurts, others hardly anything. I was one of the lucky ones who was eating the next day.

Keep ice on it.


Btw what would be a dangerous amount of t3 to have in the body?

I've had about 5 since 12hours, and im pretty sure im ok im just curious.


I got mine out a year ago, and it was absolutely painless. I stopped taking the vicodin after the second day. The procedure itself couldn't have gone better; I remember beginning to count backwards in my mind and waking up somewhere else.


I was eating steak 6 hours after having mine surgically removed, that pudding and jello shit ain't gonna cut it.

i took steak and pressure cooked it in mushroom soup and ate it over mashed potatoes at 11:00 at night, I was freaking starving.



You know why they call them "wisdom teeth"?

Because when they are pulled, you smart.


I teed off 15 minutes after I got mine out and I played 18 holes changing the gause every hole!


Dude, I just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed on Monday. The doctor gave me laughing gas so I did not feel anything during the surgery. Let me pass on the advice he gave me. With the pain killer if you need to take it every hour at first do so, there is no need to go through such severe pain. Also lots of ice the first 2 days. I even slept with an ice bag on my checks. Change the dressings often. Also do not miss any antibiotic doses even if you have to wake up to do so. Hope this helps.


I'm getting mine removed tomorrow morning. How long after you guys had them removed did you start lifting again? And since the surgeon told me I would be eating liquids and mush for the next 3 or so days, what would you guys do? I was thinking of having a lot of scrambled eggs, protein shakes, and fruit smoothies.


I guess I was pretty fortunate. Mine took about 20 seconds each, very little trauma or swelling of tissue, hardly any pain, no neeed for anything more than motrin.
The 6 months prior were a bitch though.
Apparently bad tooth infections can be fatal.

Take care and remain astute on the follow up.


Ice Cream, and enjoy the shit out of it!