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Just got my Testosterone Tested!


Hi i just did my test and there it is:

Free testosterone 58.42%
Total testosterone 445 ng/dl
Progesterone 0.97 ng/ml
estradiol 22.21 pg/ml

Now i dont have all the symptoms of low testosterone, aside of a very mild gynecomastia (normal at this age) and some fat around my thights and butt and i have a pretty good libido, a deep voice, i dont have hypogodanism, i have androgenic hair, i have sex drive, but i am not very agressive or confident, i have the beginnings of a neckbeard and a moustache.

so are these ranges normal? anyone has done this test? my doctor said there where normal, but i kinda don�?�´t belive him, i have seen the optimal/above average and good levels for a man of less than 25 years old is of 600 so i dont even know anymore.... also before i got tested i was kinda depressed because i thought i had low T so i dont know if that affects it, also i am sure my puberty started at late 14 or 15 years old


Don’t mess with it… you probably just got a bad night sleep or something. You show no symptoms you say. You probably dont have gyno, you just store water in your chest, like every other overweight American male.

How old are you?

If you ever have low T, you will feel it.



I am 17 years old and some months, i am not american, and yes i had a bad night sleep, (i was reading a really good book and couldn´t stop!)


That appears to be a free testosterone index, not % free testosterone which is around 2%.

If you want to get knowledgeable, read the advice for new guys sticky and look for things that can affect T levels. Don’t get T Tunnel vision, look at the big picture.