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Just Got My Squat Rack!


Just wanted to share that I recived my squat rack, weights, and bench today.

I'm ganna be busy setting everything up out in my garage, but I'm really friggin happy!!

Christmas came early for me~!



Awesome man, how about posting pic once it's al set up. What did it cost ya?


The squat rack plus the weights cost 488 with shipping included.

Not bad I don't think, my bench was 60$


I don't know if you've answered this in another tread but what brand did you go with?


Wow, that IS a good price. Does that include the bar, and how much weight?

Sounds like you got one hell of a deal, but couldn't you wait a few more days to open it. :wink:


Holy crap that's cheap!

So where can I buy a rack for $30 dollars? This is our X-Mas budget per person this year. :smiley: Man college costs fuck shit up.


That's really cheap. I would love to get a home set-up going. I don't have the money for equipment OR a good place to put it.

Lucky bastard.