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just got my myostat

Just got my 3 bottles of Myostat. Popped the first one with a protein shake. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks. We’ll be waiting for your report in 2-3 months.

LOL. Expect a double in your LBM by dinner time. Just busting your balls, I’m sure you know that it’s supposed to be a long term supplement. I couldn’t resist.

Yah, keep us informed. I’m sure we are all curious about the gains you might see.

how did it taste? like the future?

LOL. Good one, bro.

just got my 3 as welleth. Waited an hour before my scheduled eating period… the pills are blue and strongly resemble tribex. So far no tribex burps ™ so I guess it wasn’t tribex in em. Before swallowing the pill I wispered softly into the wind… godhood. Hoping that ancient forces would grant my wish of world domination.

World domination, thats all?

i got mine wednesday, i woke up this morning and still didn’t look like ahnuld… maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

This supplement seems to have identical claims to HMB. I will be very interested in hearing your results.

I got my 6 bottles last night fed-x @ 6:30 at night. Three are mine and three are my buddies. He is starting Monday and using Finasol and massive eating. I am still doing the dont diet through the next two weeks, so should I go ahead and start right now, or wait 2 weeks until i use it w/mag-10 amd massive eating? My gut tells me to go ahead and start, but Bill is saying it really needs a anabolic enviroment, and calorie surplus to be the most effective. I just dont want to waste the affects, but my gut tells me to get started. Thanks t-men in advance! Keep you posted.