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Just got my FATGRIPZ


They are badass!! Got them thru coach Charles P. website. They're GREAT!


Keep us posted on what you think of them...I'm still trying to decide,ya I know thats a lame excuse but I'm broke.


i have a pair on order, the thing is it messed up and i thought it didnt go through, so after two weeks i ordered another. i got an email today from him if i meant to buy two pairs (obviously not), so he refunded a pair, but as the first pair had automatically been posted via 'floating delivery' (takes four weeks instead of two) he said i could keeperm for free! so i get two pairs for one. excellent customer service. think i''l giver erm to a friend.


Yep, no doubt they're AWESOME! After one day of use they have already improved my grip! Well built & easily fit over various bars, handles. VERY IMPRESSED!


Yep, as I wrote somewhere else on this board, Fat Gripz are the best $35 I ever spent.

My arms (especially biceps) have always been my weak point but after approx 8 weeks of using fatgripz my arms are noticeably thicker.

Awesome product.


Just ordered mine. anticipating in great excitement :slightly_smiling:



Got a link? I seemed to have pulled up lawyers and furniture sales.


dude, last month i made my own white trash fat gripz with 2" pvc cut to about 6 inches or so (no homo) and they are fucking awesome.

OP, how much do the fat gripz "give"? the pvc obviously doesnt, which is fine, and its a bit slick too, so you have to squeeze them like fucking crazy.

my forearms are already stronger...no joke, after my first workout with them, my forearms were sore for 2 entire weeks (especially the lateral epicondyle) and they got fucking swwwoooolllllle


I ended up buying a pair off a poster here awhile back. He was kind enough to sell them cheap. I love them. They don't have much give really cause the rubber is very stiff. More give than a PVC pipe though, thats what I call ingenuity. Now that I have them they are worth the cash imo. Laterals and DB rows are a brute with these.


duh..i somehow didnt notice that your post was 20 years old. and yes, laterals and rows are a bitch, and especially rev curls


I just started using gripads, made out of neoprene. Took me a couple of times to get use to them they have finger loops and are about 1/8 thick. I adjust my grip sometimes mid rep, not with these though, they will not move once you have in place.


thesilencer: it'll probably take a few weeks. the last time i ordered whey from the US it took like what, 3 weeks? to singapore. sucks that all these companies aint in singapore; D:


I've had them for maybe about a month and they are awesome... be sure you use them right and check out the website. Def improved grip. I got mine at elitefts!


Exactly... got mine there too.