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Just Got my Car back from the Dealership....


My car was towed to the dealership (still under warranty) for engine trouble. They fixed the car up and had it towed back to my house tonight.

I live on a very steep hill and the driver got the car off the truck no problems. He did have to put blocks under his tires because when he first tried to get the car down, his truck started rolling down the hill. Scared me for a minute... but in the end, he was able to get the truck down alright.

I checked the car and it had no scratches.

I got in the car, turned it on, took off the emergency brake and promptly rolled right into the tow truck. I'm not really sure what happened. My foot couldn't find the break for some reason.

Now my front hood is smashed. My ego too.

I feel really stupid.

So, I'm going to be filing my first insurance claim. Thank goodness there was no damage to the tow truck.


Freak accident. That sucks, sorry to hear. Any pics of the car?


Damn, that sucks.

Sorry to heat it. I hope you insurance company treats you right.



Thanks guys.

I don't have any batteries for pictures. I'll take some tomorrow and post them.

I have full coverage and have never had a claim before, so the insurance company better be treating me right.


As long as no one was injured, there is nothing to worry. At least until the insurance company questions you on what happen.

I suggest you simply hand over your check book and wait for them to return it to you.


I think this sums it all up.


No injuries.

And, I think I know what she is feeling in that photo.


What was the tow truck drivers reaction?


Does it start with the letter F?


He asked me if I wanted to have it towed back to the dealership.


The car is drivable and stupidity isn't covered under the warranty, so I said no.


One of the words that went through my mind started with an F.


Yep, thought so. I've been there to. Stuff happens, don't beat yourself up about it. Nobody was hurt, that's a good thing.

FIDO Principle

Forget - or the other F word - Choose as appropriate

Happy Holidays


That sucks, Christine. But, like everyone said, shit happens.

Hopefully, it won't inconvenience you too much.


Why did they tow the car to your place if it was fixed?


The dealership is over 100 miles away, so they provide the service to tow to and from.




That sucks. Why didn't he park the car in the garage? Is you car standard, maybe you can claim it was the guys fault or something?


Ha Haaaaaa. Palins' God is paying you back for your blasphemous avatar, and it's funny cuz it's not meeeee.