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Just got my bottle of hot rox...info would be nie

Ok ladies and gents. I’m new to this board as of today and found it thru some links included with my new bottle of hot rox. I’m 21 years old about 5’11 and weigh in at 245 way way to high. I’m getting married in two months and have a goal to work off 20 lbs in 9 weeks. I think I can do it with the help of this product, good diet, and some good working out. Any info regarding side effects or things I should know about hot rox would be great thanks.

  1. Start easy - 2 pills a day for the first few days.

  2. Hot Rox doesn’t do shit by itself- a well educated and perfectly executed diet + Hot Rox will do wonders. Look up T-Dawg 2.0 or possibly Fat Fast (if you want to go insane with it) and stick to that shit.

Read these two articles at T-mag:

“The New Diet Manifesto”


“The Big Fat Training Program Guide”

They haven’t published Part II of the training guide yet, but there’s plenty to get you started.

If you need more HOT-ROX info, read “Amazing But True: We made ephedra obsolete.”

All these are at T-mag in the previous isses section.


You can easily accomplish that as long as you are willing to work for it.

By work I mean logging your foods and following a proper diet, I suggest tdawg 2.0 for use with hot rox and also it’s fairly easy to follow.

You also need to workout several days/week. Go for a decent 5x5 type program or some sort of other lower rep program if you want to retain muscle while losing.

Also do some HIIT work a few days per week.

Dont be surprised if in the first week you lose several pounds right off the bat, most of that initial loss will be water.

And with the hot rox try to take it immediately upon wakeup and then roughly 6 hours later. Try to avoid taking it late in the day since some people have a “non sleeping” reaction to that, or a massively vivid dreaming session that keeps you awake…lol

Sounds good guys. I do need to throw something else into the mix I am getting married end of Nov. and to hold down on expenses I’m not a member at a gym right now. So currently my only available workout is either walking, jogging, nordictrack. I’m thinking I might go buy just a couple dumbells so I can do some biceps oncassionally. What are your feelings on this?

Well you can still lose fat with no weights or workout place, just will require you to be creative in using bodyweight exercises (pullups, pushups, dips, single leg squats…)

With your size I guess I don’t know about running a lot, you can make that choice yourself. Jumping rope works well for HIIT also, and ropes are cheap.

I would strongly suggest joining a gym though, or finding some access to real barbells and dumbbells.

If you absolutely can’t get into a gym, then do some sprints or IBUR training. Check out CT’s running man article. Honestly, the only people you see out jogging or on a NordicTrac are fat people, and there’s a reason why. At the bare minium find a local school with a track and every couple of evenings do some HIIT or IBUR…

Here’s CTs Running Man article:

And also a little motivation, Merry Christmas Bob:

No weights? Get weights as soon as possible. (You can buy them piece by piece, and slowly add them into your workouts.) You will be more successful if you lift weights. In the meantime check out the following articles:

These are weightlifting routines that don’t require weights. Also when it comes to fat loss, don’t rely on your weight as a good measure. If you put on some muscle you might start losing fat and still gain weight, or it might seem like your fat loss is slowing down when you are actually losing fat at a good rate.

Also after your wedding, keep up the workouts, and healthier eating. In a year you will be surprised at how you look and feel.

One more thing, read the FAQ, and then every article you can on this site. There are a ton of them, so take your time. The information available here is phenomenal, and generally easy to read. And there are a ton of people here to help, so don’t be afraid to ask. Just be sure to try the search engine first. (Some here can get pissy about that.) Most questions you have probably were answered before.

Good luck.

this thread is why my post total is going down. You have money to buy hot rox but not enough money to lift. “Doesnt queer eye for the straight guy come on tonight?”

Yeah let me rephrase this I bought this bottle for 50 bucks, and I can handle a one time payment every so often but not a reoccuring bill. I’m wanting help with my health and wellness here not an explanation of my financial issues. Thanks

Sigh, I’ll bite.

No supplement is going to do the work for you. I’d suggest picking up a cheap weider bench and a squat cage (total < $200) and a basic weight set from Walmart (< $50). Then you can buy additional plates as you go along. If this is something important to you, you’ll find a way to get this little bit of cash.

Don’t buy a weight set. Join a cheap ass club that has some decent weight equipment. They are all over, unless you live in a small ass town/city.

Once you get your weight down and get married, and settle down wherever … get more serious about it, and make it a priority.

If losing a weight is a priority, then you have to take the steps to do it, and that would not be buying cheap ass weights at wal-mart

Yeah…I think I might be able to get my hands on a total gym. shrug

This is somewhat dishonest, but…

If you have several gyms in your area, go to each in turn. Say that you are considering joining, appear enthused, and talk a good show.

Often they may offer you a free week to try the place out. Use it up, then move on to the next…

You can salve your consciencec by actually joining one of them in a few months.

Or, some do offer short term memberships. Ten bucks for a week or so.

A total gym?..hmm wasnt Goldberg just saying somthing about Queer eye being on tonight?

Landon, I’m not sure what the problem would be with cheap weights from Walmart. Is it the store itself that bothers you? Unless there’s something I missed, a 25 lb plate is a 25 lb plate, and a standard bar is a standard bar. Now, admittedly some of you all prefer olympic bars, but is that really such a big deal for someone just getting into lifting?

One of the Wal-Marts here has olympic bars, as well as benches that position into most incline and decline positions, and a rack that can work for squats.

The great thing is not having to wait to use the equipment. The biggest problem I see is lack of space.