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Just Got Labs Done. FSH is Out of Range, Please Help

I’ve never run a cycle.

The only thing I’ve ever taken is clen.

I was about to do my first cycle and got labs done today.

This is what I got tested -

Total test
free test

These are the results-

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - NORMAL RANGE - 1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL
My FSH is 1.27

Luteinizing Hormone ( LH )
my results - 4.14

Testosterone - NORMAL VALUES are 3 - 10.6 ng/mL
My results - 5.36

Serum Oestradiol ( E2 ) - my results are 40

Prostatic Specific Antigen ( PSA ) Normal range -0.21 - 1.72 ng/mL
My results - 0.72

I’m 21 years old this week.
Not sure what to do now…

I don’t understand that testosterone range or unit measurement - Please can you double check? Is it total or free?

What is the range/units for the Oestradiol? This is potentially quite high

I’m not sure whether this is free testosterone or total testosterone, it isn’t mentioned. I paid for both, but one of those values will be ready next week.
The nurse told me that I’ll get the full report next week.

It says the e2 range for norml men is ‘<62pg/ml’. Mine is 40.

I am yet to get dht and one of the testosterone ranges, which I’ll get next week.

Might all be OK then - wait for ranges. Was the test done close to 9am?


Here’s the thing.

I slept at 4.30am, woke up at 11am, and did the test at approximately 12.15 noon.

I smoked some weed yesterday, today i did research and found [inconclusive] data that weed could lower fsh/lh and testosterone.

Maybe i should do the test again next week?

Also, i would like more inputs.
Cyclobushmaster, flipcollar, walkaway, where you guys at?

FSH is going to tank during a cycle anyway. It’s a concern in general, particularly if you’re trying to have kids, but otherwise, I’m not sure I’d do anything about it now if you’re going to be tanking it in the near future anyway.

Your E2 is nearly double what it should be. Definitely something to monitor in your cycle. Dose your AI at an appropriate amount to reduce this number to about 22 while on cycle. Appropriate dosing will vary, but start at .25 mg EOD and see where that gets you. Adjust dose if necessary.

Your E2 looks okay with the lab ranges, i wouldn’t shoot for 22 if you’re monitoring using same lab, it might be too low.

Thanks for the input guys.

I’ll start the cycle as planned.

I’ll start AI at .25 mg EOD and do my labs 3 weeks into the cycle.

Ok guys. the rest of my results are here-

Free testosterone (normal range - 8.69 - 54.69)
Observed value - 18.81 (Looks like it’s on the lower end, i certainly do want to use test-e)

DHT (range - 250-990)
Observed value : 537

Since my FSH is below the normal range, i have decided to consult a hormone specialist before starting any cycle.

I think you FSH reading was taken at a time of day where it would be lower. Certainly lower than if done at 9am.

Things don’t look that bad. Have you had any symptoms such as change in mood and libido or do you feel the same as you always did?

If you are planning to commit to AAS in the near future it may not be worth investigating this further to then crash everything when going on cycle as Flipcollar mentioned.

If you are concerned then of course look into it further.

If you still plan to use Steroids then you might be better doing your cycle and PCT then getting some more labs done after.


Honestly man, no change in libido, but i always have been a frustrated, grumpy fucker so i can’t comment about my mood.

Lately i have been a little more disturbed and moody but i believe that could be because of some issues im facing with my family and financial stress (im saving up to move out and live on my own, it’s a big step for me)

I’m visiting an endocrinologist in less than 12 hours, I’ll let her know that I’m planning on running basic test 500 cycles this year, and see what she says.

The only reason im worried is because im young, and FSH is directly responsible for my fertility.

Thanks Pex :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s fair enough - as a first step i would do bloods again at as close as poss to 9am. Try and get the labs above done as a minimum

Can you please explain why it’s important to do bloods at 9am?

a few things. one is that your hormones vary throughout the day, and typically the ‘ideal’ numbers, or reference ranges, are assuming bloodwork done around that time. Also, depending on what bloodwork you’re getting done, you should be fasted for 8-12 hours. Hard to do that if the blood is drawn later in the day.

Got it.

The doc told me that my fsh levels have crashed because of hypertension and stress, but it’s not low enough for me to worry.

She advised me to relax and de-stress for a month, do a pool FSH/LH/prolactin test and if it’s normal, I can start cycling testosterone.

Did the bloods again today (only the bloods that the hormone specialist asked me to)

S.Prolactin - 15.1 (1.5 - 19 ng/mL)
Luteinizing Hormone - 5.99 (1.1 - 7.0 mIU/ml)
Testosterone - 4 (3 - 10.6 ng/mL)
FSH - 1.37 (1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL)

NOTE: Labs were done at 12 noon on an empty stomach. It was a pooled test, so they took 3 blood samples with 20 minute intervals in between.
While my LH has increased significantly and is now fairly high, my FSH has increased by a negligible 0.10, it is still out of range and my testosterone has fallen.

I’m not getting erections like i used to before. I notice morning wood occasionally, and rarely get erections (I can induce an erection if i stroke it), and when i do, the erections are only 90% hard and last only a minute or two.

Please help me correct this. Could marijuana smoking have caused this?

Can i take some clomid to see if it helps?

bloods really need to be done at or close to 9am.

Prolactin is highish which could be suppressing things a little. Have you had your estrogen checked?

thanks for the response.

I’ll do the bloods again at 8.30am next month.

But even if my FSH reading is wrong because i did the test late, my erectile dysfunction is still unexplained.

My estrogen 2 months ago was -
It says the e2 range for norml men is ‘<62pg/ml’. Mine is 40