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Just got HOT ROX in the mail!

Gonna try it out monday, IM SO PUMPED!

why wait til Monday?

Please keep us informed of your progress, I need a jump start on losing some body fat. I’ve been too f’n lazy and working six days a week I haven’t been trainning as hardcore as I used too, however that’s been slowly changing I’ve been getting to the gym 5 days lately and hope to slowly get back into shape

I just ordered some hot rox myself last week…should be getting it monday. i’ve lost a lot of weight just changing my eating habits this spring but i need a kick in the pants to lose the last 10-15. hopefully by midsummer i’ll have a hot-rox bod :wink: curious to the results also.

yo man,
have been using hot rox for about a week and can feel the shit working. i just sit around after i take my morning dose and feel my core temp rise. when i do cardio i feel like i am shedding some serious fat. the stuff is legit and that is coming from a skeptic as i am very critical of supplement claims. you wont be dissapointed with the results.