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Just Got First Cycle Supplies


Happy as a priest in a room full of alter boys.

Just recieved my first cycle's worth of goodies! Today is a great day.
10 weeks of test E and EQ at 600 mg a week each. All I need now is to get some pct and it's go time.


Have fun Stumpy. I envy you your first cycle. I remember back in the day...[This post has been edited by TONEDef's senility nurse, as the reminising continues for a long, long, long time]


Congratulations bro. Welcome to the dark side. And whatever you do make sure that you EAT!!! I didn't get anywhere near the results I could have with my first cycle cause I didn't eat enough.



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I'm not very knowlegable when it comes to this stuff, but also they say don't over eat, just eat like you would if you were doing a big bulk. 500 cals over daily caloric equilibrium.


I've gotta agree with Fats and Bushy as well Halflife.

Stumpy check out:


It lists the top 30 T-Nation articles on diet. Some excellent reading.




No worries on the eating part of the equation. I've been on this site for so long I was around before you had to register your screen name. Thanks guys


Have a good one,, let us know how it turns out.


Eat as much protien as you can bro.@ least 2 grams per pound of body weight.I eat 4-5000 calories a day also.The sensei knows what he is talking about.Food will make or break your cycle."I would rather miss a days training than a meal!".......good luck bro.