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Just Got Bloodwork Back


Sup guys....

I've been feeling pretty crappy lately and noticed that it is nearly impossible for me to take off weight despite my workouts being intense and regular.

My diet is based around paleo high fat/proteni low carb/sugar diet. I eat well I take my multi and exercise daily...

Its a mystery why I feel so fatigued etc so I went to get tested... since my mom and grandma both have hypothyroid I was sure I had it too.

Fell into "normal" ranges for this stuff and the docs (I saw two in nyc... can provide names if you want ones to avoid) offered no guidance beyond "you should do more aerobics... lower your calories... and you got bad genetics..."



25 years old
amateur boxer/mma athlete. Lift/train/stretch hard live well
no previous health conditions besides sleep apnea and depression/anxiety

       My Results          "normal range"

cortisol (pm) 12.9 pm range 5-14
iron serum 96 50-212
uibc 243 155-355
iron binding capacity 339 238-465
Vitamin b12 378 211-911
Vitamin d, 25-oh total 23 30-100

TSH 3.610 .270-4.200
Free T4 1.55 .82-1.60
T3 (Total) 1.32 .8-2.00
RT3 20.5 9.0-27.0

Estradiol 31 0-56
DHEA 5.4 3-11
Testosterone 443 136-697
Free Test: 8.91 3.4-16.0

There wre othr labs but I just typed out the most pertinent ones... if anyone could offer some insight as to why I may be feeling this way or share their story/recommend a doctor or course of treatment i woul greatly appreciate it lol!


Please read these stickies, a lot to study:

  • advice for new guys
    – need more info about you, [edit] into the above post.
    – need more labs data, all please
  • thyroid basics and respond with iodine intake history and body temperatures <— important!
  • TSH is a major problem

Your thyroid is not normal!!! provide more info as requested.

Others in family with thyroid problems: What was their use of iodized salt? This can be a factor across a family.

You are estrogen dominant. Assume that you are not fat. Liver function needs to be considered, ALT and AST.

Are you eating red meat? Wondering about iron. Do you gave digestive problems?

Elevated rT3. Might be from stress of boxing or stress in your life, injuries etc. Tell us about stress and how you react to major stress events. Are you using any stimulants, diet drugs etc.

Blows to the head can damage the pituitary and lead to hypothyroidism and other endocrine disorders.

Take 5000iu vit-D3 per day. Tiny oil caps at Wal-Mart. You get much sun exposure. Hard to get with a dark complexion.

Keep all posts here, do not create other posts for your case. We need context.