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Just Got Bloodwork Back, Advice Appreciated

Depending on the lab company, there are often more sensitive E2 labs that will resolve lower E2. And the range (10-65) is bogus too. What units? What lab company? May need a different lab company.

So what to do about E2<25pg/ml?
You might have E2=22pg/ml for all that that lab tells us.

It does not look good and more hCG would not get you were you need to be.
FT moves a lot, so FT results always involve uncertainty. TT typically shows the accumulated result but abnormal SHBG can throw off conclusions a bit.

Looking again. With those T numbers, 0.5mg anastrozole will be too much and we can also add that your HPTA is not performing very well even with [presumed] very low E2 is not providing much negative feedback.

Please proceed to injected TRT. hCG can still preserve your testes.

UPDATE 10/24
Below are most recent labs post restart. I am still on Clomid 12.5 mg weekly. Arimidex based on labs. FSH and LH trending down. Still waiting on Testosterone results.

It has been a while, I decided to continue with restart, using prolonged Clomid (started with 50mg daily) with weaning over several months. I am currently on 12.5 mg a week with hopes of stopping in the next month. Here are my most recent labs. Any insight appreciated.

Estradiol 40 (10-60)
Test Total 554 (193-824)
HCT 48.3

Estradiol 50 (10-60)
Total/Free Test
467 (193-824)
Free % 4.2 (1.4-3.2)
T Free 196.1 (41.7-180.2)
LH 9.2(1.8-10.8)
FSH 7.9 (1.5-12.4)

HCT 51.1 (39-51)
Estradiol 34 (10-60)
FSH 5.5 (1.5-12.4)
LH 5.4 (1.8-10.8)
Testosterone 347 (193-824)
Test free % 4.4 (1.4-3.2)
Test free 152.7 (41.7-180.2)

I am getting monthly Estradiol, Test, LH, FSH for next several month to see what happens. I also take 0.5 mg arimidex every 3 weeks. May up that to every 2. It will be interesting to see what my body does over next few month once I am off everything. Hoping it will hold its own. I feel the clomid worked way better for me than when I was on Testosterone. Probably a secondary failure? Worse case I would probably just stay on the Clomid over Test if body totally shuts down again. I am feeling great otherwise and hoping it continues. Always appreciate your input and will consider any points you can infer from my labs and plan. Thanks

As a side note. I upped my frequency on my aromidex to bring down my estradiol and past few days I think it may have gone too low. Staying the course for now though.

So latest labs. Possible “successful” restart? I have been on clomid 12.5 mg once weekly since last labs 10/23/17. I am feeling great mentally/emotionally. Physically, libido is strong. Only downside is I feel like muscle is atrophying and fat is accumalating despite cardio 3x a week and “fairly” clean diet. Will probably stop all clomid until next month when I retest labs and go from there. I am surprised that my Testosterone level rose despite decreasing my clomid. Here are the labs.

FSH 4.9 (1.5-12.4)
LH 5.8 (1.8-10.8)
Estradiol 17-B 33 (10-60)
Testosterone Total 461 (193-824)
Test free % 3.3 (1.4-3.2)
Test free 153.4 (41.7-180.2)

will update next month. Advice/thoughts welcomed

Could it just be psychological? You “feel” like fat is increasing. Take measurements instead.