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Just Got a Tattoo (Dumb Question?)

Well I got my first ink…one tattoo on each tricep (area).

Anyway, I got it on saturday and was wondering if I could start working out. The tat is in the “peeling and flaking” stage so it doesnt hurt or anything anymore but I really dont want to miss gym time. Should I just enjoy my time off and wait a couple more days or it it ok to start training again?

I’d give it a couple more days. Having a shirt rubbing against it is very irritating. Also you don’t want to be getting your tattoo goup all over the benches/machines. The gym also presents an infection risk.

If you must lift bring some lotion so it doesn’t dry out.

Based on my experience, depending on what I get, I have to take atleast 2 days off. I’ve actually seen, on two different occasions, people lifting straight from the tattoo shop with bandage on and everything. I guess its all about how you feel. I just get worried I’ll mess up the healing process which takes atleast 2 weeks no matter how healed it looks.

Alright thanks.

Also, I took a shower and saw bunch of “skin-ink flakes” come off…the tattoo is still intact and everything is there but it looks really dull now and the peeling was a little excessive. Is this just the normal part of the healing process? Im taking care of it like I should…and I heard you peel but I just wasnt sure if it was this much.

Anyone else experience this?

yea you’ll peel. on the first night you may even lay on something and have some of the color come off onto the sheets. its all normal. the dullness should go away soon in a couple days.

Just please don’t tell us it’s a “Frat Curler Barb Wire/Unintelligable Asian Character” tattoo.

[quote]gatesoftanhauser wrote:
Just please don’t tell us it’s a “Frat Curler Barb Wire/Unintelligable Asian Character” tattoo.[/quote]

i thought we already went over this in the D_B thread, people who don’t like these kind of tattoos aren’t allowed to have an opinion. how soon we forget.


dude use bepanthen (i know its a nappy rash cream but it works damn it!) when you get a tattoo wash it and apply bepanthen over it 2-3x a day and it stops the air getting to it so it wont scab, or mine didn’t anyway

I thought the treatment was three to five or so days of Neosporin ointment. I don’t see the harm in working out if you keep it covered, and the Neo on it.

All of mine were covered for about three days using A&D Ointment…never any problems. Started with that when I got my first piece by J.D. Crowe of Ancient Art…still use it to this day. Now there’s stuff like Tattoo Goo, H2Ocean, and tons of others. After the ointment, it’s a good idea to use some moisturizing skin lotion.

I’ve always used A+D Ointment for 3-7 days. Then after 7 days I start with the Lubriderm. I’ve never had any scabbing and the ink still looks good after 12 years.

I wouldn’t go to the gym for the first week. Too many germs. Some guy could’ve just taken a dump and used the weights before you. Now you touch it and accidentally wipe feces on your tat without thinking because it got itchy.

I got lifted the very next day after getting my arms done.