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Just Got 5/3/1 2nd Edition

I’ve been reading up (in depth) on 531 now for a week as I knew about it long ago but

am tired of making up my own random workouts. Looking for direct guidance to get

strong as an ox. Hopefully 531 2nd ed. will be the money I need and have been

searching for. I’ll chime in and ask Jim a million questions after I thoroughly read it.

;). Any support and positive feedback as to how this book will make me kick ass is


I don’t get the question, possibly because the format of your post makes it difficult to read.

Will 5/3/1 make you strong as an ox, yes. In my experience (for what it’s worth) and observations on this site, the people who have the most success with it are the ones who fully understand the principles laid out in it and don’t dick about with it too much.

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  1. Pick a TM you think is lower than it should be. (You’ll see why as the weeks/months add up).
  2. Don’t mess with the templates. This also applies to adding on extra stuff to make 531 “better”.
  3. Measure your progress in months, not days or weeks.
  4. Make sure your form is at least acceptable on the big lifts.
  5. Buy/have access to: a weight vest, KBs, ab roller, band (for pull aparts). Of course, you’ll need a squat rack, dumb bells, etc… but those are a given.
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When you say the people who don’t dick about with it too much do you mean the

people who follow it to a tee? That’s what I’m planning on doing. After reading about

it on tnation and around the net I couldn’t follow it so I decided to buy the book. It

I’m sure I’ll be on here asking questions about it.

Thanks for tips. I will follow all of them. It seems people mix and match different

templates, schemes, accessory work and sometimes they’re wrong but Jim gave a guy

the thumbs up on one the other day. It was '5 pro, fsl, A-B full body split of some sort.

This is where I get confused after researching the 531 program. i.e. is FSL and

joker sets specific to certain templates or are the optional when you feel like it?

I read the book has rows for accessory work with the full body program but on the

Jim Wendler site he said you can pick one exercise from push/pull/leg categories for

accessory work. This is all where I get confused and hope the 2nd edition gives more

specifics than what I read from beyond 531.

Stop putting a blank line at the end of every sentence or I’ll stuff your vagina with coal!!


Pretty much, yeah. There are people who seem to do well out of substitutions or changes that still sit in line with the principles of the program but for every Pwnisher who has success with these methods, there are 20 training newbies who complain it doesn’t work for them because it turns out they subbed half the exercises out and ignored half the advice.