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Just Getting Into Competitive Lifting


I've been lifting for high school sports for the last 4 years.
Now I'm starting to train for competitive Olympic lifting.
Just want some feed back on what kind of numbers are hit in an average meet.

Height: 6'1"
weight: 265
back squat: 485
cleans no jerk: 125kilos
snatch: 95kilos


is the 485 back squat a full olympic style squat? or a half/parralel powerlifting squat?

if its the first... then assuming your front squat would be around 400 it would mean a c&j of around 150 and snatch of 125.


the back squat is full olympic style, and my front is about 360.
thank you that does help quit a bit


Where are you in AZ?? I lift in AZ also. There will be a meet a week from Sat at East Valley Crossfit, Saturday Nitro!! Even if you don't lift there, you should come by to meet some of the people!!


i lift in mesa. sadly thats the day of my prom (i'm still in high school). thanks for the invite. I plan on start going to some competitions this summer


I live in east mesa, near apache junction. I think there will be another one this summer, in July sometime (Canyon State Games), but I'm not sure what weekend.