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Just Getting Bigger


Well its me again T-Nation.. I have been lifting for about 4 months and I was wondering if ya'll could help me out..

Like the title says I would like to get bigger.. have bigger arms, legs, back, chest ectera ectera ectera.. as far as getting stronger that's a second on my list..

I am currently doing Christian Thibaudeau's 'Pillars of Strength' will be doing shortly his 'Power Look' for bigger traps..

But now I was looking for information on getting bigger arms, chest ectera ectera ectera and how to get it.. I've read some archived information but it confuses the hell out of me. I was wondering how would I do it? If someone could give me a good rep/set scheme along with how much weight is good for those rep/set..

I'm really new to this and would really appeciate it.. Also I'm kinda slow so I need some shit hand fed to me because I do get confused quite easily.. I see these workout programs and they don't give me how much weight to put on the bar.. how many sets and reps I need..

I would really appeciate the help and thanks again T-Nation.


You can find the answers to these questions just be reading through some of the posts here. I'd give the 20 rep Squat prog a try and concentrate on eating and resting right.


How many calories do you eat a day?

Whats your Age, hieght weight ect.

You can do all the routines in the world but you cant build mass out of nothing. Diet is key

If you give us an idea about your nutrition program we might be able to help more


No Training program no matter whether its designed by some douchebag off the street or the top coaches in the world will be effective without the proper nutrition. Now your a relative beginner so you can make gains just from lifting but if you want to major gains in terms of size, you have to eat big.( yah I know that term is used to death on these boards but its true)

A little more info would be much appreciated,whats your overall cal intake like?Whats your height,weight ect..

In my opinion,using a specialized program like CT's leg program isn't really needed at this point in your lifting career. At 4 months you lack overall musculature and need a good overall program.Check out Vrooms newbie thread..there are links to some of the best programs ever on this site.


I just had success with one of my friends by putting him on Big Boy Basics by Chad Waterbury and simply incorporating the Seven Habits by Dr Berardi. I think they played equal parts in his physique enhancement. As of last week when I talked to him he was up 10 lbs after six weeks and claimed he was looking leaner. Just find a basic full body or upper/lower split and have at it to the letter. Ask anymore specific questions and we will be sure to help.


Unless I'm missing something, pretty much every training routine I've ever seen on T-Nation tells exactly how many sets and reps to use. So, you'd use a weight that let's you perform those sets and reps, in that exercise.

For example, in the "Pillars of Strength" program you're doing now, Workout A has you doing the Full Back Squat, for 5 sets of 7,5,3,5,7. So, for the first set, you'd use a weight that let's you get 7 reps. Maybe you could do 8 or 9, but you'll only do 7. The next set, you'd go a little heavier, but only do 5 reps. Next set is still a little heavier, and you do 3 reps. And so on, and so on.

From set to set, you're going to use a weight that you can handle for the appropriate amount of reps. The weight I might use, or some other guy might use, is probably different than the weight you should use.

Everyone else is correct, though. If you're trying to get big, what you eat will be at least as important as what you lift. So, make sure you're eating enough calories each day, including a big breakfast, and a good post-workout shake, like Surge, followed by some good solid food.


Total Body training by Chad Waterbury + Massive Eating by Bernadi

This is IMHO one of the best programs for beginners. Do the full program, take a week off, and repeat. Do that with A LOT of food for a year and see where you are after that.

and in terms of specilization: DONT! Specilization programs like Pillars of Strength, the Power Look, etc. are meant for people who have already developed their base physique and need help in lagging body parts.


Well I'm about 5'8".. I'm 20 years old and weigh 150 lbs..I eat roughly 1200-1500 calories a day

Morning: Oatmeal.. protein shake
Snack: An apple..salad
Lunch: Lean Chicken breast on whole wheat bread, spinach salad, fish oil pill, protein shake

Lunch #2: Tuna, brocolii
Dinner: Lean Chicken breast on brown rice maybe some more salad


Any Thibadeau routine should pack on overall size if you're eating right. But your better off doing a basic routine and not specialization from CT or another strength couch. For diet, read up on Berardi.


There's the problem. No way you're gonna put on muscle with 1200-1500 calories. See Massive Eating and Berardi generally


Damn dude, I'm your age and your height and I was your weight a little while ago. I needed to eat at least 4500 calories a day before I started putting on mass. So whatever your eating now, multiply it by about 4.


i am in agreement with the other above posts. Don't bother with CTs stuff now, do something simplier. (copy and pasted from every single T-Nation thread) Eat big, lift with big compound movements, sleep big.

You need atleast 6 meals a day, but more is better, and yes 'its alot' but everything is relative. For example, I used to think eating a full cup of oats in one sitting was almost impossible (and gross) and now i put back alteast 3 cups a day (1 cup per sitting) along with all the other needed macronutrients. Vroom's thread is a winner.