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Just Freaking Do It


Some regular posters here might have seen a good few of my posts now, all with one thing in common, I overthink everything and can never decide. After reading Jim’s latest blog on his site, I was inspired to stop fucking around, go back to basics i.e. train hard but smart, make progress and most importantly keep myself accountable.

Here’s my new plan and its staying because it’s simple. I’m using the 3/5/1 Powerlifting template and assistance is basic. I couldn’t get my head around Beyond 5/3/1 no matter how many times I read the book, sorry Jim. My accessories are plain and simple, with X total reps, no sets x reps. Just work the move and the muscle as much as possible. For the chins supersetting, I plan on using chins until I can’t do as many reps as the following pressing set, then move to pull-downs (e.g. on week 2, I use pull-downs only when I cant hit 5 chins in a set) because chinning is a weakness and needs to be addressed by just fucking doing chin ups.

If you want to follow my plan, I’ll find out how to upload a full document somehow but I’ve attached Week 1 as a topic of discussion. Comments and critiques welcome.


Love seeing people using Kg’s instead of pounds. The real measurement.

But good simple program. Do it, work hard and enjoy it man. My only suggestions:

I would keep deadlift and press day starting with the 531 sets and do the secondary squats and benching after instead of before. You only really need to do this unless you are heading into competition soon and as you’re just looking for a good program to invet some time in doing these 5x5’s before your 531 sets will just take away from them and make your progress frustrated. Stay in line with the keep it somple aproach and follow the same protocl every day; 531, then the opposing lift, then assistance.

If you’re just going for strength the tricep work is perfect. But I would superset some biceps and upper back (facepulls/band pull aparts) in there too for balance.

For your condition, 200 metres is like…nothing on those machines. Why not try an interval protocol like 10 rounds of 20seconds on hard, 40seconds very low intensity. Easy 10 minute block to finish. Or just do 5 rounds as you’re doing it 4 days a week.


Thans for the response! I keep my upper back work broscienced, i.e. double reps to push reps. I find this is best for my posture, being a student has me sat rounding over lot. I use kilos purely because I’m from the UK, i could learn lbs if I tried but it would be useless to me, UK gyms never seem to carry lb plates.

I tried doing squats after deadlifts previously and it just didn’t work. Squatting before deadlifting though is where the money is for me, in regards to pressing it works either way because my presses aren’t big numbers…yet.

Re the face pulls, my personal plan for 100 reps of pull is to hit heavy ass row for as many of those reps as possible and finish the 100 reps with face pulls and more if I feel tight in the shoulder girdle.

Re the cardio, well my cardio just sucks d***. I plan on increasing the 200 metres as quickly as possible to something like 1000metres. T-Nation did a good Viking Row article which I’ll probably be more inclined to use so thanks for the suggestion!


The only thing I see is the “row machine” for conditioning that made me chuckle. I was reading an old blog of Jim’s over the weekend (page 54). The title of the post from 10/02/11: Using the rower for conditioning. Enjoy!


Will check it out, thanks. Not really ever used cardio equipment ever apart from Prowlers, sleds etc whenI had access to the them before I moved cities so I’ll admit that I’m totally cardio clueless. Working in a bar tends to keep me moving a hell of a lot though


Update on the volume of assistance lifts, while I experiment on this programme: 50 reps for lower back? Way too much after squats and deads. Ended up doing 30 reps total RDL (in x amount of sets, I didn’t count) and 20 reps in one all out set of leg curls. Thinking 30 LB and 30 hams? Thoughts needed!


To be clear I meant KG’s are the real measurement. I don’t want that to be misconstrued hahaha.

If that works for you then sweet. But remember the 531 sets are your main movement and the 5x5’s are your assistance. When the cycles get heavier and you are closer rto stalling or on your 1+ week having to hit heavy deads for rep records and singles after squatting can get taxing. Dropping the % on the squats to do them after is fine. Do it your way and see how you go, this is just from my experience and I think it’s important to have the main movement be the main movement.

Cardio wise again with me and my clients I have always found doing time based work more productive and with better results, increasing the intensity or total WATTS outputted. Remember starting at 200m and adding more and more distance is going to increase the amount of time you spend on cardio each week, the more time the more taxing as well. Especially if your’e feeling pooped from setting an all time rep record. Time*Intensity will also increase distance each week with added effort. But this is just food for thought my man.


The time*intensity was the thing at mind. Do the x metres in as little time as possible, I just want to accomplish a better work output, rather than improve my conditioning if that makes sense. Also will comprise on % on 5x5/5x3 whenever needed, its just extra work as I’m limited on what I can do in terms of assistance work, so the best thing for me is doing more of the main moves.

Today’s session does have me thinking about the 50 reps push and 100 reps pull after not being able to get near to 50 reps low back. Obviously they’re different muscles and movements so will see how this goes on tomorrows upper day before adjusting if necessary.