Just For The Hell Of It Workout

I woke up today (Saturday) with nothing much to do. It’s usually my day off, but I really felt like lifting. Just for fun, I decided to write a workout consisting of nothing that I’ve done within at least the last two weeks (preferably longer). It ended up being kind of fun and a pretty decent workout. Try it sometime - here’s what mine looked like.

Lifts next to each other are supersetted. I know it lacks a bit of direction, but give me a break, I wrote it 10 minutes before I left for the gym.

Weighted dips 10/10/Failure
Supinated Inverted Rows 10/10/Failure

DB Squeeze Press (not sure what it’s called) 10/12/15
Neutral Grip Pullups 10/10/Failure

Incline Flys 12/12/15
Straight Arm DB Rows 12/12/15

Reverse Grip Bench 10/15/15
Reverse Grip Curls 10/10/12

Leg Ext. 20/25/30
Good Mornings 8/10/12

Overhead Shrugs 10/10/10

Shoulder Prehap Stuff

The lack of leg work isn’t because I was being a Sally. I have back trouble that I credit to 4 years of college football and a series of bad strength and conditioning coaches. I try not to put significant load on my spine more than twice a week. Since I had already done one leg squats, a couple of lunge variations, one leg deadlifts, and leg curls all this week, I couldn’t think of too much off the top of my head that would be appropriate.

Anyways, just thought I’d share. What might you include in your “just for the hell of it” workout?

I go to a jewish gym (it was really cheap at the time)in a jewish community center. for the weeks when its closed due to holidays,me and my buddy usually end up pushing a car in neutral,a work out in its self, and combine it with plyometrics.like jump squats on and off a bench, distance jumps landing in a squat, one legged squats. we do anything we can think of, just for the hell of it.works well