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Just for Laughs (Candid Camera)


Pretty funny candid camera stuff; quickfire pranks, over in seconds.

Jesus Saves


Around the seven minute mark, you get to see how a man's brain really operates.


Lol. 1:16. 5 of your american dollars she went home and flogged herself or her children in the name of Christ.


I'm english but yeah, I love her reaction of awe. The black guy is the funniest. He's like "dude, no way" and then you can see him mouth "what the fuck?!"


5 of your Queen's pounds then! ^^

Aye the black guy is hilarious. Also 1:22 - dude actually looks over at faux-Jesus as if he's actually seen the light hahaha. Good vid =)


Heh, yeah. One day I hope to be pranked like this. Even though I'm fairly aware of my surroundings, I reckon it would flummox me.