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Just for John Roman...

Something I thought I’d “whip up”…


Too cool! LOL.

Throw in something about JR being a sock puppet and he’ll have no choice but to use that as a tattoo design.

MBE: “Forcing his friend to get inked with him since 1456.”

eating babies ain’t no laughing matter.
maiming, injury, really mean teasing-these are laughing matters.

sniff It’s…I…thank you…wipes away tear

Ahhh, babies. The other, other white meat.

Hmmmm, a sock puppet that “eats babies”?

Could have something there…

Patricia you forgot the belching part
afterwards… Love your drawings though.

Does anyone know how much protein is in one serving of baby?

Baby, Human:

Serving Size: 3oz, before cooked
Protein: 24g
Carb: 0g
Fat: 2.5g

These are the figures for “white” meat; meat taken from the limbs is generally higher in fat.

These are also assuming that all visible fat has been removed after skinning.

These are estimations, as it varies from baby to baby.

You can grill them, but I prefer roasted. Also, you just can’t beat baby stew on a cold day. Mmmmmbabies.