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Just for Irish


cuz he hates the klitschkos, lol :wink:


HAHAHA. i hate you fatman.

But- I agree with one premise- never have I said that they duck anybody. They fight everyone that's there to fight.

It's just that the quality of their opposition is so bad... no fault of their own, of course, they can only do what they can do... it just sucks.

And Wlad is boring. :wink:


But honestly, heavythrower, who do you look forward to them fighting?

Wlad battering Chisora?
Vitali cruising through Adamek?
David Haye waiting for Vitali to slow visibly, baiting him in to a fight, and then ending his career?
And then talking about it until the heavyweight division actually gets entertaining again?
And hell freezes over?

Small rant...
Odlanier Solis actually had the inherent skills to be a real threat but it looks like he handed them in in exchange for unlimited Pizza Hut buffets...


It's impossible to look forward to them fighting. Arreola was the only one, and only because he's a puncher with an extensive amateur background who knows how to fight.

But he was very much outclassed, and is too damned lazy to get in shape to fight. So there is nothing to look forward to...and that's why no one watches.




good question, I concur. not many out there. you are especially spot on about david the ducker haye...he IS waiting for vitali to look really bad in a fight (finally get old in the ring) then he will come out of hiding and start baiting him for a fight again.


i think the biggest problem with Wlad and Vitali is that they carry opponents. A fight like Wlad/Chambers is a pretty easy example to use, that fight was over after round one. He let him stay in the ring with him and almost took him to decision, most casual fans and even boxing fans don't want to be subjected to such torture.

In a weak division you've to make a defining fight for yourself, the only thing that's defined them is letting their opponents look better than they really are. While respecting their accomplishments I also know they could be in a much better position had they learned to close a fight earlier, nobody would be talking about a dead division now lol.



agree with some of this, some of the blame is with their opponents as well. many will say they are going to come out aggressive and take the fight to the klitschos... blah, blah, but that only lasts for a round or two when they realize when the get to aggressive on offense it leaves them more open to be hit, and wlad has knockout power in his left jab! so their opponents ball up and play defense too much as well.


That's true. But Wlad should be knocking these nobodies out. That bullshit with Tony Thompson... that was the last Wlad fight I will ever watch, and I said it that day. 11 rounds to knock out a guy who started boxing at 27 and SUCKS.

Even Manny Steward was telling him to go in for the kill, and he was just jab jab jabbing... such a boring ass fighter.

Like I said. never again will my money go towards a Wladimir fight. Let the germans worship him. He's boring as fuck and will never be any different. He just doesn't have that killer instinct.


Roy Jones, for a long time, fought weak competition because there was nobody close to him- so he made a fuckin highlight reel out of them all, and became a legend.

And when he got put down, he kept fighting, putting himself out there, always FIGHTING. This is much different then this technical, by the book eastern european style that the Klitschos have... although at least Vitali is more of a fighter. I really can't stand Wlad's fighting style, and boxing has no use for it.


Playing defense or not Wlad and Vitali both score points while the opponent is on the defensive, they just don't punch through anyone. Every time Wlad lets his hands go he gets a knockout, it just takes him 4-11 more rounds than it should lol. Wlad was content with just pushing Chambers back for a significant part of the fight, the unwillingness to sell fights or end fights is why they no longer get fights on HBO.

If these guys were the average size of the division and had average power it wouldn't be an issue. Wlad dwarfed Ibragimov yet fought him lie he was a 6'7 250lb Earnie Shavers. It's just too hard to sell and market them abroad.