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Just For A Laugh


Hey everyone, recently I bulked to 98 lbs, I bulked for 4 weeks, I'm feeling so fat, i'm about to start the shredded diet.
I just bought some hydroxy cut hardcore and NO explode, and i'm hoping this will torque me up..

Well guys its been almost 3 years since i started body building and i feel like i'm finally big enuff to post on this site. I is 18 now and started wen my brother showd me how to properlly lift.

Now im no Arnold but i think my numbers are prety solid.

Bench: 45 1 RM
Squat: 75 1 RM

My training routine is pretty solid too
Monday: Chest Legs and Back
Tuesdays: I focus on all BICEPTS
Wednesdays: I do a light day of only BICEPTS and TRICEPTS
Thursdays: Chest Legs and Back
Friday: Today is an all body workout cause i usually go out at night and get smashed

Sat and Sun i take the days off cause i don't want to strain myself...

My diet takes care of itself, i eat out at fast food places alot but i try the healthier ones like subway and fajitas at mcdonalds.

Just trying to brighten everyones day! Might make ya'll laugh a lil.



That's cool...but it's really only funny when it's sincere...


Now, who DOESN'T devote an entire day to biceps?


Damn that's scary, that's how I looked coming out of high school pretty much.


It's funnier when it's true.

And it's true all too often!


Seems pretty accurate.


Ya'll know this shit is true, don't hate, its just for laughs


I thought you just finished the V-Diet.


I was thinking Slumdog millionaire


That must be you in the picture?

I'm sorry