Just Finished Smolov Meso Cycle Opinions?

i just finished the smolov base meso cycle, in december i hit a 405 max squats, i wanted to hit 500 before i turned 18 in may, i decided to do smolov, i hran the program with a 380 max as recommended but had to continually drop weight because of the intensity of the program, this is with tons of pre workout and being hyped up so it wasnt mental

Meso Cycle Week 1

Monday 4x9 @ 265 got all the sets

Wednwsday 5x7 @285 got all the sets

Friday 7x5 @305 got 5 sets

saturday 10x3 @325 got 5 sets at 325 and 3 sets at 315

Week 2 dropped to 90% of 1rm which is 365

monday 4x9 @275 had a sore throat said f*** it got 1 set then got pissed and stopped

wednwsday 5x7 @ 295 got all the sets

Friday 7x5 @310 got 4 sets then the last three with 295

Saturday dropped to 85% of 1rm 10x3 @315 got all the sets

week 3 or last week

monday 4x9@275 got all the sets

wednesday 5x7 at 295 got all the sets

friday 7x5 @305 got all the sets

saturday 10x3 @325 got 5 sets with 2=325 and 2 sets with 315

program was hard as hell and i highly dont reccomend doing it unless you have a specific goal, i did it because i want that 500 squat before i turn 18, dont know if im going to get it, also figured the high volume is good to run at a young age because my legs could handle it without injure and it is probably good for my legs to go through such high volume so future high volume squat days are easier

i max next saturday and i am curious as to what you think i will hit or should go for, i am aiming for 425 but depending on how that is might go higher then i am preparing for the intensity cycle, please let me know in responses