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Just Finished PCT and Got a Problem


ok i just finished my pct, 4 wks 40/40/20/20 nolva, i finished the cycle 2 wks short caust of ball pain, and now after the pct i still have it from time to time.

dont think its cancer, had i checekd in the past and the ball feel normal, its back to its normal size.

what do you think it is?

thanks kapulsky.


Your endogenous test production ramping back up


so you recon i dont need to be worried...i didnt have this on my last cycle.
i thought that maybe i was still supprest and was worried about TRT.


probably no worries


sweet. that a load off my mind...

all i could think about was either losing a ball or me not producing test.


Nothing wrong with not making test (losing a ball kind of sucks), depending on where your natural T levels are at. If it doesn't come back up, then you get some good TRT after you jump through some hoops with a doc, which will leave you with high-normal T.


i still rather produce test then going on TRT.
how long untill the pain will disapear? i had my last test e shot 7 wks ago.


I get that whenever I have any change in testicular size, on the way up or on the way down. That's why I run HCG with everything now. Also makes recovery easier, IME.

What was your cycle like? How long after your last shot did you start PCT? Was this your first cycle?

I think you're gonna be fine.


well its my second cycle. i wanted to run it for 12 wks but stoped after 10 due to pain. i did test e @500 a week. i started my pct 2 weeks after my last shot.

well any way im gonna see the dr tomorrow so he can have a feel and tell me how my balls are feeling.


Interesting way to put it. Quite honestly one or better than you will be able to tell you if you balls are the size the used to be. You have a point of reference he probably does not. You certainly are the only one who knows how much or little they are hurting.
Finally many users dont tell their Dr they took stuff, are you going to be upfront with yours?


well he already had felt them in the past cause i had it checked in the past, so he does have a point of reffrence and he has the ultrasound of my balls as well
he knowns what im taking, so its not a problem.