Just Finished Next Frontier

I have just beaten CW’s Bodybuilding’s Next Frontier into the ground and am curious of what people would reccomend next. Btw, I have never reaped results like I did on this program. Incredible really.

Anyways, I have gotten quite a bit busier and so some sort of 3 or so day a week full body workout would be ideal. I am also just looking to get bigger and stronger. I have done a lot of programs from this site and have run out of ideas.

Great what kind of progress did you make.

what can you do?? well many to chose from. More of CW’s stuff TBT etc. Go off and try something totally different like EDT make a fukll body routine. Or something by CT like his Ren… Bodybuilding, etc etc…

I finished a few weeks ago and loved the program. I took a week off, tested some maxes and started CW’s singles club. This should give my body a break from the 2 a days, but doing some singles for size and strength gains. I plan on doing this taking a week off, testing some maxes, and then doing CW’s primed for muscle. Supermaximal holds, hopefully will lead me on the path to a 300 lb bench. Good luck