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Just Finished My First Meet


Thanks for the positive vibe in the forum!!!
I competed in my first powerlifting meet yesterday (USPA Georgia State Championships)
Was super nervous, but I still feel a rush from yesterday and am excited about competing again in the future. I went 8/9 and only missed my last bench attempt (jumped the gun on the press command).

Here were my meet numbers:

90kg Raw (I weighed in at 85.2kg)
Squat: 115kg
Bench: 67.5kg
Deadlift: 160kg (new PR and American record)

Any suggestions on how long to wait until my next meet?? Thinking I would try to cut weight next meet to make (82.5kg division) or maybe wait and keep enjoying strength gains?


Let me be the first to extend my congratulations for your performance in the meet. Great job, you should be very proud of your accomplishment.



[quote]caylanmicahsmom wrote:
Here were my meet numbers:

90kg Raw (I weighed in at 85.2kg)
Squat: 115kg
Bench: 67.5kg
Deadlift: 160kg (new PR and American record)
Hey this is Murica! Put your weights in pounds commie!

That’s an outstanding total all around, and of course the deadlift especially. It is exceedingly rare to see a lady pulling that kind of weight. I’d love to see you get a 405 raw pull someday.

For your next meet, I would say just wait long enough to either go down a weight class (if that’s something you want to do) while at least maintaining your strength, or wait long enough to make some strength gains. Maybe 12-14 weeks or something?

But hey, if you feel like you already had bigger numbers in you, you can do another one as soon as you want and make more aggressive weight calls to try and achieve truly the biggest total you can at your current level.



Here are the pound numbers (the kilo thing confuses me too but I had to learn on the fly at the meet)

Squat: 253.5lbs
Bench: 148.8lbs
Deadlift: 352.7lbs

Yes, I would love to pull 400…the meet director said that I could because 350 looked to easy for me. He said I needed put baby powder on my legs (he said powerlifting trick), but that I could easily pull 400 so that’s my goal :slight_smile:

I definitely had bigger numbers in squat and deadlift…I was so nervous with it being my first ever meet, my friend suggested being very conservative, so I was…

The next meet is August 10th so maybe I will try for that one…but I need to decide if I want to drop a weight class and get on that :slight_smile:


Thank you Queen Bee!! :slight_smile:


Solid work, lady! Keep it up! I’ve got mad respect for someone who goes raw.


Congrats on your first meet and the excellent total.

I wouldn’t drop a weight class just yet. You’re 5 Kilos below your cut off weight, that’s more room for muscle.

Train and eat to get strong, learn to optimize your bodyweight (fat/muscle ratio) so you’re performing at your personal best.

Good luck with your training


Congratulations on your first meet. Addicted yet?

Regarding weight class, you can experiment with dropping poundage and seeing if it affects the amount of weight you can move. Also, the decision might depend on where your comfort level is with what you weigh and if you are carrying a lot of fat.

In terms of how long to wait between meets, I did my second meet less than two months after my first. But I wasn’t moving a tremendous amount of weight initially and didn’t have the mental let-down and physical need for recovery that I do now. Plus, age plays a role in this decision. I’m too old (almost 48) to do more than two or three meets a year at this point.

Looking forward to following your progress.