Just finished meltdown training

Hello all, I just finished meltdown training, and i’m fried! It was awesome, but I have to take a weeks rest, or i’ll be over training. Im gunna start Meltdown 2 soon. After my last workout on friday, I felt like getting nakid, pouring milk all over myself, and slamming myself into a tree, (Dead serious), and thats how I know my CNS is fried. Today I slept for a good 12 hours, so Im pretty good right now, Heres my question(s)…

Would It be optimal to not take a week off and do meltdown training 1 and 2 together no rest?.. Or fallow the good o’l Ian kind way, and take a rest off.

I fallow JB’s DON’T diet, and Im cutting… Should I maintain my calories while I have the week off, or should I do slighty hypercaloric, and keep HIIT, and aerobic training strong?..
I believe this question was asked before, however I couldn’t find where it was.

I would take a rest. overtraining is the enemy. At least a couple days of nothing at all. Then head back into HIIT, maybe half capacity for a couple days, then back to full capacity. If you feel seriously fried, you prolly are. But, I am by no means an expert, so my opinion is just a gut feeling. BTW- i dig that description w/ the milk and tree. That is some funny shit.

im gonna gorite into it…its gonna be a 7 week cy;e but im defnitly restung after its done///…im also using the t-dawg diet…ive been hungry since like thursday i just killed my self with a refeed though

You’ll want to keep up the weighttraining so your body does not put down fat when you try to get your metabolism up. (Lyle MacDonald told me this.) But you also want to give the nervous system a rest. Try 2 sets of 15-20 for each main muscle group. Start below your 15RM and add weight each time, HST style, so that you have 8 days, while your nervous system heals, before you approach failure. Cut the training days down to 3 per week. Drop the HIIT. This has worked for me.

As for Meltdown 2, I wouldn’t do it unless I had experience with the Olympic exercises prescribed, or I would take Alessi’s option of replacing the Olympic Exercises with front and back squats. You should consider that a week of finding your 1RM is going to hit the nervous system. So you would be waiting 2 weeks before your first official Meltdown 2 workout. But ask yourself whether you will be able to get through Meltdown 2 with Alessi’s loading and rest parameters. What about the people swarming around, waiting for the equipment? 5x5 is a hell of a lot safer and easier. It should be effective after the period of GH-training you’ve gone through. Brian