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Just Finished HPTA Restart Protocol. Where Do I Go From Here?


My libido was extremely low earlier this year (covered better in this thread Is my HPTA Restart Protocol Correct?)

Basically, did bloodwork, everything was low, and FSH was below the normal range.

I took 20mg of nolva with 0.25mg of anastrozole EOD.
Did this for about a month, fell off the wagon for a few weeks, then started again.

Continued the same protocol for another month. During the LAST WEEK of it, my libido has increased drastically. Things I did differently during the last week - lost my anastrozole and couldn’t take any, and fell off the wagon and smoked a good amount of weed (which could have been what got me into this mess in the first place). Im now able to sustain an erection for a little longer, and my erections are almost hard (as compared to the flaccid erections i was getting earlier.)

Either ways, I have more anastrozole now, took my last nolva about 4-5 days ago.

Im going overseas and have a chance to lose my virginity in europe, I absolutely need my libido to work, what should I do now? Bloodwork? Continue anastrozole? How long?


bump. come on brahs help me out


Do you have new bloods to confirm T levels as well as LH/Fsh? That’s the only way to know for sure. If your bloods come back and everything is still low - you are likely secondary hypo - and it’s TRT time (assuming you got legit serms).

Regarding your current state - libido has improved so that’s a great sign. I would recommend getting some Viagra or similar products to help ensure erections when you need it. You can get these from almost any online pharma without a script and there are research companies that combine such products into liquid form. You will be fine bro.


thanks bro, its been close to a year since i realised i have ED and since im only 21, im panicking. I used to be able to go 6 times a day, and now i cant get a boner when i need it.

I wanted to know how much time i should wait before doing the bloodwork again? Its been like 2 weeks since i’ve been off sarms

Things i will test for are fsh/lh, estrogen, and testosterone (free test or total?)


Always need both.

I have nothing to add to the HPTA restart sticky.